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National Career Club/Metro Area Chapters
Urban High School Youth and Adults
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Peer Partner Weekly Progress
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  Induction Ceremony
In each division the Induction Ceremony is held during the Welcome Reception.
High School Division
Induction Ceremony Program 
1. Chapter Member Pledge
2. Membership Cards
3. Occupations of Interest 
4. Advisor Introductions
5. Chapter Leadership Opportunities
6. Peer Partner Program 
7. Pearl Handbook Presentation
8. Parent Information Kit Presentation

College Division
As a peer partner in this division, you empower yourself and others in your chapter to overcome subconscious limiting beliefs that are blocking you from earning your degree on time with a career jumpstart. Use this wheel of prosperity weekly as a tool to measure your progress.

Breakthrough Division
As a new chapter member, you are invited by your chapter "host" to a "welcome reception" during which you will: 1) participate in an "induction ceremony" that makes you an official member of the chapter, 2) receive your membership card, 3) recite the pledge of prosperity, 4) introduce yourself to other chapter members, 5)  select a peer partner from other members with the same member type badge, and 6) enter into a peer partner agreement." Learn More

Pearls For Life Division
As a new chapter member, you are invited by your chapter "host" to a "welcome reception" during which you will: 1) participate in an "induction ceremony" that makes you an official member of the chapter, 2) introduce yourself to chapter members, 3) select a "peer partner," 4) attend a "trees of prosperity orientation," 5) register for a "prosperity belief skills challenge" featuring 12 weekly contests, 6) register for the "prosperity wheel challenge." Learn More


Create New Career Aspirations 

Develop More Compelling Career Aspirations 

Attend an online free
Career Aspirations Workshop to learn how.

Turn your wheel by creating more compelling career aspirations.
If you would like more compelling career aspirations

For Career Aspirations Workshop

Create a Detailed Career Vision

 Create a Comprehensive Mental Picture
of Your Career Prosperity

Attend an online free Career Vision Workshop to learn how.      

SMART Goals 

I believe that SMART career goals are powerful positive forces in my life. Goals that are specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-based, when based on a compelling vision of the person I want to become, enable me to develop plans and strategies to achieve them. SMART goal statements demonstrate progress via the goal points I earn. These points turn my wheel. 


Strategies Belief

I believe that each step-by-step "how to" strategy establishes a new pathway on the road to becoming the best I can be. These alternative courses of action serve as guides to becoming the person I want to become. The strategy points I earn demonstrate progress, and turn my wheel.    

Daily Actions Belief

I believe that taking daily steps on each promising pathway take me closer to the place I really want to be in career life. Each mistake, each failure, each disappointment is necessary to bring me closer. The action points I earn enable me to measure my progress, and turn my wheel.  

Breakthroughs Belief

I believe that the steps I take create breakthroughs. I overcome physical and emotional barriers by taking steps. I overcome fear and doubt by taking steps. overcome disappointment, circumstances and uncertainty by taking steps. I grow by taking steps. The breakthrough points I earn enable me to turn my wheel.    

Prosperity Belief

I believe that career prosperity = career fulfillment, the set of emotions that say you have done well, you are a better person in many ways, you have realized your goals, you have overcome barriers and limitations that were blocking your progress. You have made a positive impact in the lives of others. You have new dreams to fulfill. The prosperity points you have received over the past year enable you to complete one turn of your wheel.