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7 Key Features
Pearl Road To Becoming

Feature 1
Daily Can-Do Thoughts
A daily can-do thought is an action thought regarding a specific aspiration that pearl wants to pursue - or is pursuing - as part of an aspirational challenge. It is governed by "rules" and supported by "resources." See Handbook.

Feature 2
Daily Peer Partner Conversations
 A peer partner is pearl chapter member who has agreed, at the request of another pearl, to be that pearl's peer partner. The peer partner agrees to keep thoughts, opinions, feelings, and ideas confidential; further, to offer words of  reassurance and  encouragement after failure or disappointment. Specific "rules" apply. See Handbook.       

Feature 3
Daily Mindset Assessments
A mindset is a set of conscious and subconscious beliefs that govern your actions. A mindset assessment is a shared self-rating of these beliefs regarding a current aspirational challenge using the PWP mindset scale. The "tools" include the mindset scale and peer partners. See Handbook.

Feature 4
Exemplar Mentoring Interventions 
An exemplar mentor is a previously at-risk person who now exemplifies career prosperity, and has agreed to serve as a mentor to 1 or more pearls. An intervention is a conversation between a pearl and a mentor for the purpose helping the pearl to develop a career prosperity mindset. This means increasing no-limit beliefs. These conversations are governed by "rules" and supporomted by "resrources." See Handbook.    

Feature 5
Weekly Aspirational Challenges
An aspirational challenge is the active pursuit of a specific aspiration, based on a strategy document first created during the Summer Challenge. Three parts, preparation, action and celebration are completed in one week.  scoring panel issued points. It is governed by "rules" and supported by "resources." See Handbook. 

Feature 6
Weekly Knowledge Growth Mindset Interventions
A knowledge growth mindset is a set of beliefs that motivate pearls to pursue new knowledge regarding a specific career aspiration. An intervention is a documented discussion be tween an initiator (the pearl who starts and documents the discussion) and a beneficiary (the pearl who beneits from the discussion.) It is governed by "rules" and supported by "resources." See Handbook.     

Feature 7
Weekly Progress Celebrations
A progress celebration is a published acknowledgement of the point outcome of a aspirational challenge completed. The purpose is to receive congratulations from fans, supporters and followers. It is published on social media by the pearl. It is governed by "rules." See Handbook. 

Download 7 Keys Handbook