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Energetic Pearl
Health Membership
(30 - 80 Yrs Old) 

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3-Month Membership (12 Weeks)
Create & Grow Your Health Tree Of Prosperity
To Produce Healthier Career Outcomes

Health Tree Outcomes Domain 
8 Areas Of Focus   

Areas Of Focus  Purpose
Core Health Mindset  Mindset empowers you to create and grow positive subconscious health beliefs. These are the "roots of your tree" providing nourishment each day from the enriching soil of your continuing experiences.  
Key Health Aspirations  Aspirations empower you to dream big. Your key health dreams (thoughts that live in your mind) form the "trunk of your tree" from which branches will spread and multiply.
Health Vision  Vision empowers you with a burning desire. Your mental pictures of aspirations realized inspire you. The "inspiration" generated by your vision causes each tree branch to grow and produce more fruit. 
Health SMART Goals  Goals empower you to blossom. Your specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based goals are the "branches of your tree" that produce blossoms (expected desirable outcomes)
Health Strategies Strategies empower you to take action. Your strategies are the "blossoms that flower on the branches of your tree" into positive expectations, which mature into effective courses of action.
Health Actions Actions empower you to produce positive results. "Your positive results are the fruit of your tree." These are the outcomes you desire. 
Health Breakthroughs Breakthroughs are your special extraordinary outcomes. "This is the best of your fruit." Each breakthrough represents an internal limitation or an external barrier you have overcome.
Health Prosperity  Prosperity is fulfillment. It is the state of being healthier that produces new beliefs to strengthen your roots and develop new beliefs.  

Enter the "Members Only" Health Tree Domain
To Create and Grow Your Health Tree

Measure The Strength and Fruit-Producing Capacity Of Your Health Tree
A series of 12 weekly challenges
Begin/Continue Your Challenge


Membership Card: $30 (3 Months)

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