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National Career Club/Metro Area Chapters
Urban High School Youth and Adults
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Pearls Who Prosper Career Club
Enjoy Fulfilling Career Outcomes

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Work Life Adults
7 Focus Populations  
• Disengaged   • Dissatisfied 
• Disappointed  • Discouraged


• Seeking Career Fulfillment

(30 - 80 Yrs Old)

Seven 12-Month Memberships Available
The Fruit You Produce - The Outcomes You Desire 

Prosperity Mindsets That Produce Better Outcomes 
"Trees of Prosperity" 
First You Must Believe,
Even Before You Plant The Seeds


Spin This Wheel
To Enjoy

Wheel of Prosperity

$ 30 Membership Fee
12-Month Memberships
Learn How To
Use The
Growth Mindset

Health Tree Membership
Energetic Pearl

Learn More
Health Mindset Challenge

Money Tree Membership
Financial Pearl

Learn More
Money Mindset Challenge

Knowledge Tree Membership
Informed Pearl

Learn More
Knowledge Mindset Challenge

Relationships Tree Membership Social Pearl

Learn More
Relationships Mindset Challenge

Creative Tree Membership
Talented Pearl

Learn More
Creative Mindset Challenge

Giving Tree Membership
Fulfilled Pearl
Learn More
Giving Mindset Challenge

Wealth Tree Membership
Assured Pearl
Learn More
Wealth Mindset Challenge

Learn More About Peer Partners

Peer Partner Program
Weekly Skills Contests

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