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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
At-Risk In-School Youth With a Growth Mindset
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Reaching Career Milestones
Pursuing Dreams, Goals and Breakthroughs
 Early Work Life

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Membership Eligibility

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Milestone 1 Membership

Skill Level 11
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Milestone 2 Membership 
Skill Level 12

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Milestone 3 Membership

Skill Level 13
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Milestone 4 Membership

Skill Level 14
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Milestone 5 Membership

Skill Level 15

Milestone Achievement Awards

Monthly Luncheon

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 Work Life Chapter Host
Unlimited Income Potential

Mastermind Group Sessions
Schedule and chair peer support sessions to brainstorm solutions

Chapter Member Support
Conduct telephone calls as needed

Monthly Awards Luncheon
Select and present skill milestone awards

Coach Skills Projects
Select and plan skill demonstrations

Growth Mindset
Conduct Growth Mindset Training Sessions

Fixed Mindset
Conduct Fixed Mindset  Sessions