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At-Risk In-School Youth and Adults
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Domain Growth System
 Domains Are Focus Areas
That Empower Pearls To Grow 

 The Domain Growth System Has 7 Growth Domains  

Enter a domain by purchasing a membership

3-Month Membership Fee: $30

7 Growth Domains 
Spirit • Money • Skills • Health • Relationships • Beliefs • Knowledge

Member Benefits By Domain 
Talented Pearl Membership
Spirit Domain

• Enhance and Deepen Your Connection To Your Creator 
• Identify Your Unique Purpose
• Apply Your Unique Gifts and Talents
• Align Your Interests and Natural Abilities to Occupational Opportunities


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Financial Pearl Membership
 Money Domain

• Increase Your Cash Position and Money In Bank
• Improve Your Financial Well-Being, Including Assets and Home Value
• Grow Your Income, Including Work Income and Investment Income
• Enjoy Greater Financial Freedom, Including a Reduction of Debt 


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Accomplished Pearl Membership
Skills Domain

• Improve Your Skills
• Develop New Skills
• Expand Your Leadership Abilities
• Make a Greater Impact In Your Business, In Your Organization, In Your Office or Department, In Your Team, In Your Group of Co-Workers


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Energetic Pearl Membership
 Health Domain

• Improve Your Physical Health 
• Improve Your Mental Health 
• Grow Your Self-Esteem 
• Improve Your Energy Level


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Social Pearl Membership
Relationships Domain

• Create, Expand and Enhance Your Relationships With Family
• Create, Expand and Enhance Your Relationships With Team Members
• Create, Expand and Enhance Your Relationships With Co-Workers
• Create, Expand and Enhance Your Relationships With Superiors or Subordinates


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Assured Pearl Membership
Beliefs Domain

• Deepen, Expand and Strengthen Core Beliefs About Career Success 
• Develop More Positive Attitudes About Career Opportunities  
• Develop Greater Self-Confidence 
• Develop Strategies That Empower Me To Overcome the 7 Enemies of Career Prosperity 


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Informed Pearl Membership
Knowledge Domain

• Expand and Broaden Your Knowledge of Your Industry and Other Industries Of Interest 
• Expand and Broaden Your Knowledge of the Keys To Job Success 
• Expand and Broaden Your Knowledge of Various Occupations Of Interest 
• Expand and Broaden Your Knowledge of Your  Job Opportunities
• Expand and Broaden Your Knowledge of Business Ownership and Self-Employment

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