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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
At-Risk In-School Youth and Adults
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Breakthrough 1 Pearl

Breakthrough 1
Membership Fee: $30 Per Year

Your Purpose 
Realize 1 Career Breakthrough That Transforms Your Career

  Your 12-Month Membership Period =
Five 10-Week Milestone Periods

During Each Milestone Period
You Reach 20% Of The Breakthrough You Desire
Weekly Point Goal
Score At Least 100 Milestone Points   

One Breakthrough = 1 Super Dream Realized

Learn More About Super Dreams 

Mastermind Group Sessions
Brainstorming • Suggestions • Accountability

Weekly Challenge Activities Available 
Participate in weekly milestone challenge activities
to generate points that measure the value of your progress
The following activities are available during weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9  

Points Per Panel 
Activity Names   Activity Descriptions
Vision Update Statement Session Enhance your 10-week vision statement of the points you envision each scoring panel member issuing to you.
4 Points  SMART Goal Update
Invest a few minutes to create a set of SMART goals for the week.  
 10 Points Mastermind Group Session Attend this session to receive and to make suggestions to other breakthrough pearls in your area. You may present ideas, and comment on the ideas of others. You may find peer partners for support and accountability.  
Online Tutorial Review With Email The online tutorial, organized into 10 parts, is available at no cost at the Jimvisions website. It contains information and instructions for progressing each week through the milestone period. An email to a career strategist documents the date and time that you completed each part. 
  Breakthrough Tele-Session Schedule a breakthrough tele-session from the jimvisions online tutorial website. There is a fee for each tele-session you schedule.  
 5 Points Small Group Lunch  Five or more breakthrough pearls participate in a lunch to discuss a topic of mutual interest related to their career success. A discussion leader and a recorder of record must be selected.  
4 Points  Peer Partner Coffee  You may schedule and participate in one informal coffee session with your peer partner.   
N/A  Action Report Upload   Prepare a report of the actions and activities you completed this week, and upload it to your online file for review by your scoring panel. NOTE: Failure to upload this report results in 0 points that week.
Strategy Statement  BONUS: Prepare a list of steps you plan to take this week to achieve the goal(s) in your SMART goals statement.    

Milestone Weekly Challenge
Milestone Scoring Panel
 This panel issues milestone points each week based on your weekly activities report.
Each panel member may award 30 points
plus 10 bonus points.
The maximum points you may receive = 120 points 

 Breakthrough Milestone Achievement Awards
(1 award is issued after each milestone period when you receive 1,000 or more points.) 

Monthly Milestone Awards
Monthly Luncheon


Make Weekly Activity Reports
 Upload each report to your documents library 
Click Below To Visit The Milestone Online Documents Folder

Services Available

Introductory Q&A Tele-Session

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You want to learn more about the Milestone 1 membership and the Milestone Challenge, its costs and benefits, time required, benefits and awards luncheon.
Breakthrough 1 Vision Tele-Session

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You want to either create or enhance your 1-year vision of the person you want to become with striking vivid images of the lifestyle you want to enjoy.
Breakthrough 1 Support Tele-Session

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You are seeking support and information, guidance and advice regarding how to improve outcomes, identify and remove barriers.