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Urban High School Youth and Adults
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Breakthrough 1 Pearl

Breakthrough 1
Membership Fee: $30 Per Year
1 Breakthrough Per Week
50 Breakthroughs Per Year 


Mastermind Group Sessions
Brainstorming • Suggestions • Accountability


Weekly Breakthrough Contests
Breakthrough Scoring Panel
 This panel issues breakthrough points each week. 
Each panel member may award up to 6 points
for each SMART goal achieved using the
Wheel of Prosperity Point System.
 Bonus  6   
 Excellent  5
 Good  4
 Satisfactory  3
 Poor  2
 Unsatisfactory  1

 Breakthrough Achievement Awards

One Breakthrough = 15 Points or More

Monthly Milestone Awards
10 Breakthroughs = 1 Milestone

Monthly Luncheon


Make Weekly Activity Reports
 Upload each report to your documents library 
Click Below To Visit The Milestone Online Documents Folder

Services Available

Introductory Q&A Tele-Session

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You want to learn more about the Milestone 1 membership and the Milestone Challenge, its costs and benefits, time required, benefits and awards luncheon.
Breakthrough 1 Vision Tele-Session

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You want to either create or enhance your 1-year vision of the person you want to become with striking vivid images of the lifestyle you want to enjoy.
Breakthrough 1 Support Tele-Session

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You are seeking support and information, guidance and advice regarding how to improve outcomes, identify and remove barriers.