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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
At-Risk In-School Youth and Adults
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Milestone 1 Pearl

Milestone 1 Membership Fee: $30 Per Year

Your Primary Objective:
Use Breakthroughs to Realize 1 "Super Goal" During Your 1-Year Membership Period
(A Super Goal is realized via Breakthroughs to become a Milestone) 

Learn More About Super Goals 

Mastermind Group Sessions
Brainstorming • Suggestions • Accountability

Breakthrough Routine
During Your Membership Year 

Select 1 Super Goal To Start Prioritize your list of goals. Identify those goals that you consider turning points in your career life. Select 1 of them as a Super Goal. 
Identify Key Skills Required Use the Skills List to identify the key skills you anticipate using to realize this Super Goal.  
Create Weekly Action Plans During the first Friday, Saturday, or Sunday after joining the chapter, Create Your Week 1 Action Plan. Submit it to your peer partner for discussion. (NOTE: Continue this each week thereafter.) 
Implement Plans Weekly Starting Monday after your first action plan is created, Implement Your Week 1 Action Plan. (NOTE: Continue this each week thereafter.)  
Schedule Support Tele-Sessions A strategist is assigned to discuss issues you encounter each week. This will enable you to understand how to improve your outcomes.  
Attend  Mastermind Group Sessions  Your chapter host schedules mastermind group sessions. You will receive invitations and notices to attend.  
Upload Your Weekly Action Plan Reports Each week, you will prepare a weekly action plan report, and upload each report to your online file folder. Your scoring panel will review your reports and provide milestone points and helpful feedback. 
Score Milestone Points Weekly  Your milestone points will accumulate over the 1-year membership period. These points will generate awards at the monthly breakthrough awards luncheon. 

Milestone 1 Scoring Panel
 This panel monitors your progress, issues milestone points and
identifies breakthroughs weekly.

 Career Milestone 1 Achievement Award
(Issued at the close of the year when you realize your Super Goal)

Monthly Breakthrough Awards
Monthly Luncheon

Receive breakthrough awards based on milestone points received. 

Make Monthly Progress Reports
 Upload each report to your documents library 
Click Below To Visit The Milestone 1 Online Documents Folder

 Milestone 1 Lanes
Lane  Breakthroughs  Needed  Monthly Awards
Fast Lane 1 or More Breakthroughs per Week 1 Breakthrough Award
Fast Lane Award
Slow Lane  Less Than 1 Breakthrough Per Week 1 Breakthrough Award 

Services Available

Introductory Q&A Tele-Session

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You want to learn more about the Milestone 1 membership and the Milestone Challenge, its costs and benefits, time required, benefits and awards luncheon.
Milestone 1 Vision Tele-Session

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You want to either create or enhance your 1-year vision of the person you want to become with striking vivid images of the lifestyle you want to enjoy.
Milestone 1 Support Tele-Session

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You are seeking support and information, guidance and advice regarding how to improve outcomes, identify and remove barriers.  

Attend Weekly Mastermind Sessions
Ideas  • Suggestions • Relationships