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At-Risk In-School Youth With a Growth Mindset
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Work Life Milestone 1 Pearl

Work Life Milestone 1 Membership Fee: $30 Per Year
Earn Skill Level Certification (400 Points)

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Mastermind Group Sessions
Brainstorming • Suggestions • Accountability

During your membership year, you will

Create a 1-Yr Vision Statement Prepare a description of the YOU you want to become over the next 12 months; extract from your 5-Yr Vision
Develop Big Dreams Develop a set of compelling career aspirations that inspire you and keep you motivated 
Realize SMART Career Goals Establish a series of skill development goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant to your life purpose, and time-based
Accomplish Breakthroughs Overcome obstacles, both internal (negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions) and external (lack of resources, skills, and relationships) 

Weekly Advanced Skills Challenge Projects

Score Points Weekly
Your Milestone 1 Scoring Panel Monitors Your Progress

 Career Milestone 1 Achievement Award

Milestone Achievement Awards
Monthly Luncheon

Receive skill certifications based on points for skills demonstrated

Make Monthly Progress Reports
 Upload each report to your documents library 
Click Below To Visit The Milestone 1 Online Documents Folder

 Milestone 1 Categories
Category  Maximum Points  Milestone 
Big Dreams Up To 10 Points Per Dream Statement
Up To 20 Points Per Ambition Description
10 Dreams
SMART Goals Up To 10 Points Per New Goal Statement
Up To 50 Points Per Goal Challenge Project
10 Skill Goals 
Breakthroughs  Up To 10 Points Per Barrier Identified
Up To 20 Points Per Barrier Broken 
10 Breakthroughs

 Category Description  
 Big Dreams Create A List Of Aspirations That Inspire You To Become a Better, Stronger, Wiser Person. Ambitions are aspirations that meet specific requirements. Update Monthly 
 SMART Goals Develop and Document Specific Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based Goals. Update Monthly Based On Skills Demonstrated. 
 Breakthroughs  Identify and Communicate Internal and External Barriers or Limitations That You Desire To Overcome and Have Overcome. Update Monthly. 

Services Available

Introductory Q&A Tele-Session

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You want to learn more about the Milestone 1 membership and the Milestone Challenge, its costs and benefits, time required, benefits and awards luncheon.
Milestone 1 Vision Tele-Session

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You want to either create or enhance your 1-year vision of the person you want to become with striking vivid images of the lifestyle you want to enjoy.
Milestone 1 Support Tele-Session

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You are seeking support and information regarding dream statements, goal statements, and identifying and removing barriers and improving your point totals.  

Attend Monthly Mastermind Sessions
Ideas  • Suggestions • Skill Project Partners
Peer-To-Peer Mentoring
Develop Vision Statements
Enhance Vision Statements
Refine Vision Statements
Set Goals
Develop Strategies
Enjoy Breakthroughs