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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
Low-Income At-Risk High School/College Youth
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Pearls In Early Work Life Pursuing and Realizing Skill Milestones
Dreams • Goals • Breakthroughs


 Your 2-Lane Work Life Membership Pathway
Earn Skill Points Weekly By Completing Challenges 
Win Advanced Skill Awards and Certifications 

Must Be 20 Years of Age But Not More Than 29 Years of Age
(Note: Each of the 5 Membership Types Automatically Expires On Your 30th Birthday)
NOTE: Must Complete a Work Life Assessment Interview 

Work Life PEARL Assessment Interview
Learn More and Schedule Interview 

Submit Evidence of College Degree + Milestone Award
You Must Upload a Copy of Certificate or Degree That Confirms Completion of College and Milestone Award Received

Membership Eligibility - Based On Skill Points Earned
  Skill Points Required
 Milestone 1 Membership  Option 1: College Skill Points Earned As A Pearl
Option 2: Skill Points Earned 90-Day Trial Membership
 Milestone 2 Membership  College Skill Points Earned + Milestone 1 Award  
 Milestone 3 Membership  College Skill Points Earned + Milestone 2 Award 
 Milestone 4 Membership  College Skill Points Earned + Milestone 3 Award
 Milestone 5 Membership  College Skill Points Earned + Milestone 4 Award

Create Your 5-Year Vision
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Upload Your 5-Year Career Vision