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National Career Club/Metro Area Chapters
Urban High School Youth and Adults
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Prototype Website
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Breakthrough Chapter Benefits
As a Member of a Breakthrough Chapter,
You Progress Through 1 Level of Breakthrough Each Year  
By Producing 5 Career Milestones
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Annual Skills Competition
Complete Weekly Skills Challenges

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Annual Breakthrough Competition
Compete With Other Breakthrough Pearls In Weekly Breakthrough Challenges

Age Requirements    

Minimum Age: 20 - Maximum Age: 29
(Note: Each of the 5 Membership Types Automatically Expires On Your 30th Birthday)
Eligibility: Must Pass a Breakthrough Pearl Assessment Interview
Pearl Profile Is Required. Upload Your Profile Here.
Use Pearl Profile Template To Prepare Profile.
Receive 10 Bonus Points for each college credit earned.
Receive 20 points for each graduate school credit earned.
Download Template Here

Breakthrough PEARL Assessment Interview
Learn More and Schedule Interview 

Submit Evidence of College Degree 
You Must Upload a Copy of Certificate or Degree That Confirms Completion of College