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 Weekly Knowledge Growth Challenges
 1. Create Your Knowledge Growth 3-Month Vision Statement 
 2. Take The Actions Needed To Realize This Vision
 3. Share Your Experiences With Your Knowledge Growth Panel
 4. Measure Your Knowledge Growth With The Points You Receive 
 5. Celebrate Your Growth At The Monthly Awards Luncheon

Score Up To 500 Points Each Week   

Pearls For Life Informed Pearl Membership

Membership Fee: $30 (3 Months)
12 Weekly Growth Challenges
(Requirement: At Least 6 Knowledge Growth Challenges)

Your 5-Member Knowledge Growth Panel

Professional Career Strategists Interested In Your Consistent  Growth In The Knowledge Domain

Upload your report each week. (See below) Your panel meets each week to discuss your report, and then awards you up to 500 points based on steps you completed that week. 

Steady, Consistent Measurable Knowledge Growth
From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be In Your Career.
Growth Domains
Spirit •  Money  •  Health  •  Skills  •  Social  •  Beliefs  •  Knowledge  

Weekly Knowledge Growth Challenge Process

Day 1: Create Your Weekly Knowledge Growth Plan

Create a simple document that presents the steps you believe are needed to grow your knowledge.   

Days 2-6: Take Action To Grow Your Knowledge

The steps you take are based on your plan. 

Day 7: Upload Knowlege Growth Report 

Prepare and upload your report of steps taken.

Attend The Monthly Pearls For Life Awards Luncheon
In Your Area

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Session Fee: $20