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Career Milestones Challenge
Dreams, Goals and Breakthroughs Based on a  Compelling Career Vision

Milestones Challenge Brochure 
Contains Feature Details

Score Points Weekly
Points enable you to easily measure and monitor your progress.

5 Milestone Member Types
Milestone 1 Pearl
Create a 1-year career vision that inspires and empowers you to believe in yourself.
Dreams, Goals and Breakthroughs  

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Milestone 2 Pearl
Create a 2-year career vision that enables you to think big and dream big.
Dreams, Goals and Breakthroughs
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Milestone 3 Pearl
Create a 3-year career vision that enables you to become more strategic.
Dreams, Goals and Breakthroughs
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Milestone 4 Pearl
Create a 4-year career vision that empowers you to stay positive despite disappointments and setbacks.
Dreams, Goals and Breakthroughs
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Milestone 5 Pearl
Create a 5-year vision that paints a clear picture of the person you want to become.
Dreams, Goals and Breakthroughs
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Each of the 5 milestone memberships includes big career dreams, a set of SMART goals, and measurable breakthroughs achieved over the 12-month membership period.  

 Challenge Feature Summary
Download Brochure For Details

Career Visioning
A knowledge-based career visioning process enables you to create a clear, compelling vision to who you want to become

Goal Setting System
A powerful, compelling SMART goal setting methodology that enables you  to create specific measurable goals

Progress Measurement System
Tools that enable you to make consistent weekly progress toward ultimate career prosperity

7-Step Breakthrough Methodology
Steps that enable you to overcome obstacles, problems, and roadblocks you will face in your career

Milestone Awards and Celebrations
The Milestone Achievement Awards Dinner recognizes you for big dreams and aspirations, goals achieved and breakthroughs realized

Tele-Session Support Services
Career strategists are available to assist you when needed via phone or email

PWP Career Milestone Tele-Session Consulting Services
From Career Prosperity Strategists
Work Life Chapter Members Only

To schedule a milestone tele-session with a career strategy consultant, click on the long green "Click Here-Let's Talk" button below.
Use your credit card to pay for your session once your appointment has been confirmed.

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