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Low-Income At-Risk High School/College Youth
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Career Prosperity Tele-Session Service
Work Life Pearls Only 

  Membership Dues: $20 per Year

Grow Your Career Prosperity Tree

Just as a fruit tree produces fruit year after year, so will your prosperity tree produce more and more prosperity year after year, based on the relationships you cultivate.   


Character Tele-Session: List
This is a tool that you create. To be effective this list must include BIG Dreams. These are not goals. Each aspiration should be aligned with your life purpose. 

Confidence Tele-Session: 
This is a tool that you create. It is not a board containing "things" that you want to own. It is a mental image that you put on paper containing words the describe the person you want to become. 

Communications Tele-Session: Smart Goals Set
This is a tool that you create. It is a list of specific, measurable, time-sensitive achievements you want to realize in you career. 

Key 4: How-To Strategy Document
This is a tool that you create. It is a list of steps that you believe you must take, regardless of your circumstances, to realize your goals.
Key 5: Daily Action Plans
These are dynamic tools that you develop over time. There is a plan for each goal. Each plan must be updated when you situation changes regarding each goal you have established. 

Key 6: Frequent Breakthroughs

Key 7: Prosperity Levels and Types