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PWP Skills Development Pipeline
• Entry: Pearls Begin To Enter Our Pipeline As High School Freshmen (14 Yrs Old) New Pearls May Enter The Pipeline At Any Time Via PEARL Assessment. (Learn More)
• Progress: Pearls Are Expected To Progress At The Rate of One Skill Level Per Year. There Are 15 Skill Levels. See Graphic Below
• Phases: Pearls Continue Thru 4 Phases (High School, College, Work Life, and Pearls For Life)  
• Skill Certifications: Each Year, Pearls Earn New Skill Certifications and Awards To Qualify For Advancement To A New Skill Level

Phase 1: High School

Skill Level 1

Learn More

Skill Level 2

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Skill Level 3

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Skill Level 4

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4-Phase PWP Skills Development Pipeline

4 PWP Pipeline Functions    
Targeted Industries.

 Function 1 Identifies Pearls   Annual PEARL Assessments For Multiple Age Groups 
 Function 2 Equips Pearls With Career Skills   Annual Skills Challenges That Measure and Monitor Skill Development
 Function 3 Facilitates Ongoing Continuous Growth  Moves Pearls Through Phases of Growth Via Skill Levels  
 Function 4 Delivers Skilled Youth Into the Workforce  Connects Pearls To Employers and Opportunities in Various Industries 

Pearls For Life Workforce Pool
• These Pearls continue to excel in a variety of occupations in various industries 
• They first enter the pool upon college completion after earning basic skill certifications in phase 2.
• They subsequently enter the pool after earning advanced skill certifications in phase 3.

Skills Development Phase 1: High School (Learn More)
Each pearl progresses through 4 levels to reach Phase 2.

Skills Development Phase 2 College (Learn More)
Each pearl has 3 college pathways to reach Phase 3. Path 1: 2-Yr Degree (Skill  levels 5 and 6). Path 2: 4-Yr Degree, Including Community College Credit Transfer (Skill levels 5, 6, 7, 8). Path 3: Graduate Degree (Skill Levels 9 and 10 applies regardless of the credit hours or months required). 

Skills Development Phase 3: Early Work Life (Learn More)
Each pearl progresses through 5 levels (called milestones) by earning advanced skill points. When enough points have been scored, pearls enter the Pearls For Life Workforce.

Skills Development Phase 4: Pearls For Life (Learn More )
Each pearl continues to grow in 7 career growth domains year after year. Pearls are found in many occupations in a wide variety of industries.