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PWP Skills Development Pipeline

PWP functions as a skills development pipeline for employers.
The pipeline identifies pearls, equips them with core career skills via annual skills challenges, moves them using levels that measure progress, and delivers skilled youth into the workforce based on 3 stages of development.

They enter the Pearls For Live Workforce after college completion upon earning level 10, and after the first 5 years of work life upon earning level 15. 

Development Stage 1: High School (Learn More)
Each pearl must progress through 4 levels to reach Stage 2.

Development Stage 2 College (Learn More)
Each pearl has 3 paths to reach Stage 3. A few who have scored enough points bypass Stage 2 and go directly into pearls for life workforce: 1) 2-Yr Degree, 2) Credit Transfer, or 3) 4-Yr Degree. 

Development Stage 3: Early Work Life (Learn More)
When enough points have been scored, pearls enter the Pearls For Life Workforce.