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At-Risk In-School Youth and Adults
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PWP Skills Development Pipeline
• Entry: Pearls May Begin To Enter Our Pipeline As High School Freshmen (14 Yrs Old) By Becoming a PWP Chapter Member. They Begin Earning Skill Points In Any Of The Recognized Skills On The PWP Skills List. New Pearls May Enter The Pipeline At Any Time And Any Age By Purchasing a Membership Card and Becoming a Chapter Member. 
• Skill Levels: A Skill Level Is The Demonstrated Mastery In Several Skills, As Measured By Skill Points Earned To Qualify For That Level. Pearls Participate In Annual Skills Competitions (Learn More). Minimum Points Must Be Received To Qualify For Each Skill Level.  
• Progress: Once In The Pipeline, Pearls Are Expected To Advance Through The Pipeline At The Rate of One Skill Level Per Year. There Are 15 Skill Levels. See Graphic Below
• Divisions: Pearls May Advance Through Membership Classifications in Each of Four Divisions (High School, College, Work Life, and Pearls For Life)  
• Skill Certifications: Each Year, Pearls Earn New Skill Certifications and Awards To Qualify For Advancement To A New Skill Level

Phase 1: High School

Skill Level 1
At Least 100 Points

Learn More

Skill Level 2
At Least 500 Points

Learn More

Skill Level 3
At Least 900 Points

Learn More

Skill Level 4 
At Least 1,300 Points

Learn More

4-Phase PWP Skills Development Pipeline

4 PWP Pipeline Functions    
Targeted Industries.

 Function 1 Identifies Pearls   Annual PEARL Assessments For Multiple Age Groups 
 Function 2 Equips Pearls With Career Skills   Annual Skills Challenges That Measure and Monitor Skill Development
 Function 3 Facilitates Ongoing Continuous Growth  Moves Pearls Through Phases of Growth Via Skill Levels  
 Function 4 Delivers Skilled Youth Into the Workforce  Connects Pearls To Employers and Opportunities in Various Industries 

Pearls For Life Workforce Pool
• These Pearls continue to excel in a variety of occupations in various industries 
• They first enter the pool upon college completion after earning basic skill certifications in phase 2.
• They subsequently enter the pool after earning advanced skill certifications in phase 3.

Skills Development Phase 1: High School (Learn More)
Each pearl progresses through 4 levels to reach Phase 2.

Skills Development Phase 2 College (Learn More)
Each pearl has 3 college pathways to reach Phase 3. Path 1: 2-Yr Degree (Skill  levels 5 and 6). Path 2: 4-Yr Degree, Including Community College Credit Transfer (Skill levels 5, 6, 7, 8). Path 3: Graduate Degree (Skill Levels 9 and 10 applies regardless of the credit hours or months required). 

Skills Development Phase 3: Early Work Life (Learn More)
Each pearl progresses through 5 levels (called milestones) by earning advanced skill points in skill levels 11 (Milestone 1), 12 (Milestone 2), 13 (Milestone 3) 14 (Milestone 4) and 15 (Milestone 5) . When enough points have been scored, pearls enter the Pearls For Life Workforce.

Skills Development Phase 4: Pearls For Life (Learn More )
Each pearl continues to grow in 7 career growth domains year after year. Pearls are found in many occupations in a wide variety of industries.