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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
At-Risk In-School Youth and Adults
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Prototype Development Team

PWP is a chapter-based, skill-building career club concept in development. Thousands of at-risk individuals across America in many age ranges are unhappy and unfulfilled with their career plans and outcomes. This begins in high school with urban at-risk students who receive no career guidance, and continues through college with at-risk students who are undecided about their degree and career path. They are likely to discontinue. In work life this continues with many who see their careers as jobs, not journeys. They have no destination or vision, and are likely stuck in one occupation, or clinging to a job out of fear and the need for income.  

Many of them seek fee-based career coaches or advisers, but that is NOT A GOOD SOLUTION for low-income, at-risk Americans. Free career advisory services are limited. 

PWP offers a much less costly, and more robust alternative, based on helping its members to develop a growth mindset, enhanced with a career prosperity mindset that provides a new perspective on career as a journey with a destination of career fulfillment.

Work of the Team
This team plans, schedules and conducts tests of chapter prototypes in each of four membership divisions.
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Team Mission
To establish the Pearls Who Prosper Career Club with 9 prototype high school chapter members in Memphis, St. Louis and Atlanta, and 1 non-profit affiliate in each prototype metro area.

Team Composition
Harris Pratt Pearls Who Prosper USA, Inc. is seeking professionals of high character, with a positive attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit to test the features of our high school chapter prototypes in Memphis, St. Louis and Atlanta. We are offering renewable 3-month contract opportunities to freelance professionals. Some volunteer recruitment is involved to support urban high schools seeking to improve student performance. 

Collaborate With These Independent Contractors To Test The PWP
High School Chapter Prototypes

Team Leader
Jim Harris, Founder of Pearls Who Prosper 
Strategy Development, Planning, Implementation
Events Planning
Team Coordination/Meetings

Team Goal
Create a scalable business model for the club by July 1, 2020 based on 4 membership divisions using the
Business Model Canvas

This model will have the capacity to create and grow
chapter clusters in 40 metro areas and 4 membership divisions. 

We are creating a career development social enterprise
for at-risk individuals with aspirations to become the best they can be. 
Six Stags of Career Life

Available Team Positions
Each of the following positions offers an opportunity to join the
National Leadership Team

Weekly Updates Must Be Presented At Weekly Team Meetings.

Grants Developer/Capital Developer

Position Summary
This contractor must demonstrate an interest in at-risk in-school youth. The duties. set forth below, may be performed at any location under contract. Written and verbal reports of work performed must be submitted weekly, along with invoices.

Primary Duties 

 1  Develop a database of foundations that make seed money grants to improve the quality of public schools. Grant funds may be used for scholarships, career planning, college readiness, skill development, and community service. 
 2 Establish and maintain ongoing communications with foundation decision-makers. This includes letters of inquiry and introduction, grant proposals, and grant requirements and priorities.
 3 Make Q&A presentations to the team weekly. 

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Learn More About Federal Funding Sources

Database Development Analyst

Position Summary
This contractor talks with various types of prospective customers to gather facts and information used to develop processes and procedures that enable the national sponsor to develop databases that provide knowledge and insights to increase the effectiveness of  presentations thereby facilitating customer development.

Primary Duties 
Develop a process to create a high school performance database.
Use public data to target school districts and specific high schools with high numbers of low-income students who are likely to be at-risk.

2. Develop a process to create a principal needs and problems database.
Use conversations with high school principals to learn more about low performing students. 

3. Develop a process that creates an employer skills needed database.
Use the chapter membership structure to attract and invite employers (business owners and executives) to provide information and data. 

4. Create a Student Interests and Needs Database
This database will be used by the National Leadership Team to refine products that attract at-risk high school students.

5. Create a Community Support Database
This database will be used by the National Leadership Team to attract community volunteers in targeted metro areas. It will contain a list of websites, local civic organizations and churches, small businesses 
Customer Presentation Specialist/High School Chapter Prototype Developer

Position Summary
This contractor makes presentations to prospective customers (5 types) that describe the PWP career club concept and its primary features, as well as the problems identified and anticipated solutions and outcomes. 

Primary Duties
1. Develop and deliver effective high school principal presentations
Manage the 3-step process of converting principals into chapter hosts. Clarify the benefits. Explain the relationships.
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2. Develop and deliver effective high school student presentations
Interact with students, talk about their potential, their aspirations, their interests, and the benefits of membership.
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3. Develop and deliver supporter presentations
Explain the career club concept, the problem it addresses, and the desired impact in the lives of students.
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4. Develop and deliver sponsor presentations
Demonstrate the sponsor pledge agreement and explain the impact of sponsorship in the lives of at-risk students. Discuss the promotional opportunities.
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5. Develop and deliver employer advisor presentations
Describe the various roles that advisors can plan. Explain the responsibilities and the targeted skills. Demonstrate the skills development pipeline.
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Social Media Specialist 

Position Summary 
This contractor develops 5-week, 10-week, and 15-week social media campaigns for sponsors, and brand-building strategies that enable sponsors to communicate with pearl fans and followers via Pearls In Action videos. 

Primary Duties
1. Target, evaluate and present 5 social media platforms for team approval.
These platforms will be used by sponsors and chapters to present photos and videos to develop fans and followers.

2. Develop promotional campaign policies and procedures.
These policies and procedures will be used by affiliates and sponsors to generate consumer support for high school chapters and pearls. 

3. Create and publish a social media promotional guidebook.
This guidebook will be distributed by affiliates to teacher advisors and to pearls and sponsors. 

Operations Specialist/College Chapter Prototype Developer

Position Summary
This contractor develops guidebooks and manuals that contain procedures and processes that enable our business to acquire and retain affiliate partners in targeted metro areas, to engage high school principals, teachers, students and supporters, and businesses as customers. 

Primary Duties

1. Develop skills challenge manualand document affiliate partner procedures and processes.
These that govern the acquisition of affiliate partners.

2. Develop career exploration challenge guidebook

3. Develop college plan challenge guidebook

4. Develop scholarships challenge guidebook

5. Develop community service challenge guidebook

6. Skill Certifications/Skills Challenge Project Design


Financial/Investment Analyst/Pearls For Life Chapter Prototype Developer

Position Summary

Primary Duties

1. Develop procedures and processes that govern the management of sponsorships,

2. Develop procedures and processes that govern the solicitation of grants and the management of grants.

3. Budgeting

4. Accounting

5. Cash Management

6. Scholarship Funds

7. Donations and financial support from supporters

8. Club Facilities Planning

Affiliate/Division Developer/Breakthrough Chapter Prototype Developer

Position Summary
Identifies and engages prospective area affiliates to convert them into prospective partners. Identifies and evaluates prospective directors for 4 divisions: High School, College, Work Life and Pearls For Life. Develops chapter host agreements for high school, college, work life and pearls for life chapters.

Primary Duties

1. Metro Area Model Prototype Testing