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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
Low-Income At-Risk High School/College Youth
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Career Skills Challenge High School
 Soft Skills Development For High School Pearls 
Matching Skills Demonstrated By At-Risk Students With Intern Opportunities
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Communications Skills

Creativity Skills

Critical Thinking Skills

Collaboration Skills
Organization Skills

Leadership Skills

Persistence Skills

Conflict Resolution Skills

The Skills Gap In America Is Critical.
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Internship Opportunities
Sponsor members of each chapter provide internship opportunities to pearls who have earned the "Intern Ready" designation.

Skill Demonstration Projects (Team/Individual)

Step 1: Pearl Obtains a High School Skills Challenge Sponsor
Sponsors are recruited by the area manager.

Step 2: Pearl Selects a Skills Project Coach
Coaches are volunteers who help pearls select and complete 6 projects (3 per semester) and help pearls complete video skill demonstration sessions that are required to complete each project.

Step 3: Pearl Performs Weekly Skill Demonstrations  
Each skill demonstration is recorded on video. Videos are posted to social media.  

Step 4: Pearl Submits Skills Project Completion Reports
Each report is uploaded to an online documents folder. Click below to upload. 

Step 5: A Volunteer Scoring Panel Scores Each Report
Rubric for each skill demonstrated determines skill points awarded 

Step 6: Pearl Becomes Intern Ready - 400 Points 
Pearls at each grade level are certified "Intern Ready" upon receiving 400 Points
and become eligible to be hired by any sponsor.

Step 7: Monthly Sponsor Review of Intern Eligible Pearls
Each pearl has an online skills profile that enables sponsors to identify  candidates to fill intern positions.

Download the Skill Projects Manual
This manual contains the rules that govern the High School Career Skills Challenge, descriptions of the 8 score skills (see above), and lists of the rubrics that determine how points are awarded.  

Sample Project Types
Pearls Are Free To Create New Project Types. Each Semester, Each Pearl Selects 3 Projects From Approved Project Types.  

Employability Projects
Skills To Become Employed and Remain Employed For 12 Months

Project Type Numbers 

Project # 1: Job Procurement 

Project # 2: Job Retention 

Project # 3: Job  Excellence  
Income Projects
Skills To Earn a Specific Income Amount

Project Type Numbers

Project # 4: Employment Income 

Project # 5: Asset Income 

Project # 6: Securities Income 

Charitable Projects
Skills To Support Local Charities
Project Type Numbers 

Project # 7: Charity Identification 

Project # 8: Charity Donation 

Project # 9: Charity Assessment 

Leadership Projects
Skills To Influence Others

Project Type Numbers

Project # 10: Leadership Followers  

Project # 11: Leadership Leaders  

Project # 12: Leadership Team 

Job Description Projects
Skills To Perform a Job
Project Type Numbers

 Project # 13: Job Creation 

Project # 14: Duties vs Responsibilities 

Project # 15: Delegation  
Product Creation Projects
Skills To Develop a Marketable Product or Service
Project Type Numbers

Project # 16: Product Design 

Project # 17: Product Improvement  

Project # 18:  Service Design 

Sales Projects
Skills to Sell a Product or Service
Project Type Numbers

Project # 19: Sales Transaction  

Project # 20: Sales System 

Project # 21: Product (or Service) Promotion 
Profit Projects
Skills To Produce a Profit Via Enterprise
Project Type Numbers

Project # 22: Cost Analysis  

Project # 23: Cost Type Recognition  

Project # 24: Pricing and Profit Concepts 

Innovation Projects
Skills To Identify a Problem and To Create a Solution To That Problem
Project Type

Project # 25:
Problem and Solution 

Project # 26: Scientific Research 

Project # 27: Need Analysis 

Investment Projects
Skills To Invest Money, Time or Talent To Product a Return on Investment

Project Type Numbers

Project # 28:
Risk Analysis 

Project # 29: Financial Return on Investment 

Project # 30: Social Return on Investment