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At-Risk In-School Youth and Adults
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Building College Tracks 
To Transform At-Risk Urban High School Students
From Job-Bound To College-Bound 

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Annual College Track Competition
This school-year competition contains 4 grade-level challenges that transform at-risk, low-performing, aspirational pearls from job-bound to college bound over a 4-year period.  

College Track Competition Overview
This competition features 4 annual grade-level challenges, organized as phases of progress to enable pearls to advance each school year toward the state of college readiness. Pearls begin as job-bound freshmen. They have no resources, no information, no guidance and no family support to become college-bound. But through 4 grade-level phases of progress pearls become college-ready upon graduation from high school. Each grade-level challenge requires pearls in each grade level to join a two-member knowledge team each week. Team member experiences build teamwork skills.

College Track Team of the Week Awards
College Track 2-member teams at each grade level compete for this these awards each week as follows: Weekly Point Categories: 1) College Track Project, 2) Personal Learning Experiences, 3) Peer Partnering, 4) Classroom Attendance. Bonus Categories: 1) Mentoring, 2) Events. 

College Track Pearls of The Year Award
The points scored weekly by individual pearls on each team accumulate during the school year. At the end of each school year, the pearl at each grade level with the most points wins this award. O
nce-a-Year Point Categories: 1) Advanced Placement and Advanced Credit Course Selection, 2) Course Completion, 3) Grade Point Average, 4) Annual Awards Luncheon.

College Track Handbooks
Rubrics govern each point category. A handbook, organized by grade level, is provided to each pearl explaining each rubric, the score cards used, the point system, the selection of judges and scoring panels, procedures, rules, activity fees, registration requirements, and sponsorship opportunities. 

Teacher Advisory Council (TAC)
Five teachers who are members of the Teacher Advisory Council of the chapter are responsible for each grade-level challenge. They issue points to college track teams. Each grade level advisor issues 0 to 5 points to each pearl in each weekly point category. So, each pearl may receive up to 25 points in each category that was active that week. The events and mentoring categories are not active each week. A best practices guide is created and approved each year.  

Annual Chapter Awards Luncheon
At this culminating chapter event, project displays and reports are presented to parents, sponsors, community supporters, district administrators and college partners. Scoring panels interview students and award points. The college track pearl of the year trophy for each grade level is presented by the high school principal.  

9th Grade - Annual Career Exploration Challenge

Each 9th grade pearl completes a career plan project that requires the development of an occupation-based career plan document, a career plan display, and a career plan report. In addition, a series of self-directed personal learning experiences relating to interests, values, personality, occupations, industries is required.      

10th Grade - Annual College Planning Challenge
Each 10th grade pearl completes a college plan project that requires the development of a comprehensive college plan document, a college plan display, and a college plan report. In addition, a series of self-directed personal learning experiences relating to targeted occupations, college degrees, and colleges of interest is required.  

11th Grade - Annual Scholarships Challenge
Each 11th grade pearl completes a college funding project that requires the development of a college funding plan document, a funding plan display, and a funding plan report. in addition, a series of personal learning experiences relating to targeted scholarship, grant, and loan sources is required. 

12th Grade - Annual Community Service Challenge
Each 12th grade pearl completes a community service and college acceptance project that requires completion of a community service project and a college acceptance project. Written project reports and project displays are required. Community service builds character, discipline, and connections to the realities of real world issues pearls will face as adults. It helps pearls to identify how they may contribute to improving conditions in their communities.  

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