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National Career Club - Metro Area Chapters
Low-Income At-Risk High School Youth
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Join a Chapter Support Council

Adults called "Supporters" join a chapter to support at-risk, low-income pearls in high school. 
Membership Dues: $20 a year 

Select From 5 Supporter Membership Types

1. Mentoring Supporters
(Help Pearls To Obtain and Engage With Career Mentors)

Scoring Panel Group
(Volunteers Helping Pearls With Career Plans, College Plans, Prosperity Plans, Community Service Plans and Skill Development Projects)
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Exemplar Day Planning Group
(Volunteers Who Assist Teachers In The Planning of Exemplar Mentoring Days)
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Exemplar Selection Support Group
(Volunteers Who Assist Pearls In The Selection of Occupational Exemplars,  Industry Exemplars and Mentoring Exemplars)
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College Track Supporters 

Provide financial support to individual pearls who are developing a college track (all grade levels)

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Grade Level Challenge Supporters 

Provide financial support to a group of pearls in the same grade level scoring knowledge points

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Skill Project Coaches 

Provide coaching support to individual pearls who are completing skill development projects 

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Scholarship Supporters 

Contribute monthly to the chapter scholarship fund 

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Community Support Network
Members of each Chapter Support Council may join this larger network to suggest improvements.

 Principals of targeted high schools may designate a representative.