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National Career Club/Metro Area Chapters
Urban High School Youth and Adults
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Measurable Outcomes

New Demonstrated Soft Skills

Pearls at each grade level participate in an annual skills competition where they perform weekly skills demonstrations to earn the skill points. Features include skill development projects, skill development coaches, and community scoring panels There are many soft Skill Groups of interest to employers and targeted industries. 

Comprehensive Career Plans

Pearls use this Career Prosperity Wheel as a tool to develop comprehensive career plans. This requires pearls to identify their career aspirations, develop a clear vision of career prosperity, create a set of specific, measurable career goals, develop strategies to explain how goals will be accomplished, identify courses of action and daily disciplines, identify needed breakthroughs, and isolate types and levels of prosperity they want to enjoy during their career life.    

College Tracks 

A college track is a two-lane pathway into a college of choice. It is built in 4 grade level phases by a pearl in high school. Pearls are at-risk and begin with no resources for college. But, through review of how "The $1 Million Difference" in potential income can impact their lives, pearls acquire career knowledge, create college plans and win scholarships, and take courses that produce college acceptance letters.     

7-Step Belief System  

Pearls are taught to believe that their natural gifts and talents, when developed via a personal growth program, will produce career prosperity.

Each pearl is provided with this career prosperity wheel as a tool. It is found in each Pearl Handbook, along with instructions.  

Career prosperity begins with aspirations, which are dreams and desires that have already actualized.

Aspirations produce a clear vision, a vivid mental image of a prosperous life ("lifestyle"). 

Vision produces specific, measurable goals with timeframes. Goals produce strategies (courses of action) to achieve them.

Strategies produce step-by-step actions that produce breakthroughs that create various types and levels of fulfillment.  

Global Workforce Leader Awards 

Each pearl strives to earn enough points to become a global workforce leader and to win the GWL trophy. Projects are selected that demonstrate skills in demand across a variety of industries  and score points that create recognition and attract interest from prospective employers and produce letters of recognition from sponsors, fans and followers via YouTube.  

College Scholarships

Some chapters have a PWP scholarship fund. Each fund may have money for up to 9 scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $3,000. Pearls may also compete for a variety of other scholarships.  

Greater Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Pearls at each grade level participate in challenges where they compete for awards, prizes, and recognition, which builds self-esteem and increases self-confidence. Pearls score points which demonstrate their skills and abilities.