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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
Low-Income At-Risk High School/College Youth
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Join As Teacher Advisor To Help At-Risk High School Students Get Into College
(Certified, Substitute and Retired Teachers)

Membership Fee: $20 Per Year

90 Co-Curricular Learning Experiences Per Grade Level

30 Weeks - 5 Hours Per Week - Stipend $3,800

The 60 high school pearls (15 per grade level) in the PWP chapter at your school are competing in grade level challenges to become college-bound and develop career skills realize the $1 Million Difference.

Learning Experiences are personal, unsupervised, self-paced 1-hour competitive learning activities. There are 3 experiences each week. Each produces a knowledge gained document. Descriptions are found in the pearl handbook. A computer is required. There are weekly prizes, awards and personal recognition.

Teacher Advisory Council (TAC)

Five high school teachers who have received a principal recommendation form a Teacher Advisory Council. Four teachers are designated as grade level advisors. One is selected as the chairperson. The TAC selects 1 teacher to fill these 5 positions.

Position 1. Chair: Plans and conducts monthly meetings 

Position 2. Technical Support Administrator: Resolves computer hardware and software issues as needed + grade level advisor. 

Position 3. Secretary/Profiles Administrator: Maintains minutes and records of all meetings and assists pearls with online profiles as needed + grade level advisor.  

Position 4. Treasurer: Collects dues and manages the chapter bank account, pays budgeted expenses, reports fees collected from sponsors + grade level advisor.

Position 5. Budget Director: Creates, submits, and revises chapter expense budget as needed + grade level advisor.  

Student Chapter Memberships (Pearls) 

The model chapter consists of 64 pearls in 4 high school grade levels. Each pearl competes to score knowledge points and skill points. Points received at each grade level accumulate toward a specific goal established by that pearl upon first joining the club. This goal may be modified at the start of each membership year.  Learn More

Training and Certification

Each teacher advisor must complete the following six 1-hour online training modules to receive certification as a PWP teacher advisor.  

Module 1: Teacher Advisory Council Overview

Module 2: Pearl Interviews, Assessment and Rating System

Module 3: Adult Support and Sponsorships

Module 4: Challenges and Learning Experiences

Module 5: Plan, Events and Awards

Module 6: Chapter Scholarship Fund

Module 7: Growth Mindset (Learn More)

Membership Dues: $20 Per Year

Application Review
Teachers review chapter membership applications submitted online by students to determine eligibility. 
Teacher Advisor Agreement
After joining, a teacher advisor agreement is signed with the local non-profit affiliate to pay a stipend based on the performance of services to pearls.
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Pearl Assessment
Each teacher is required to perform a 28 point pearl assessment of eligible applicants. Based on these assessments, applicants are invited to join the chapter.
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Each teacher is provided with a TAC handbook containing instructions, information, forms needed by each position.
Each teacher is paid a basic $3,800 stipend per year, which may be adjusted up based on time and experience of the teacher.
Time Requirement
The estimated time required for each position is 5 hours a week. 

Weekly Guest Advisors

Each week any pearl is free to invite any teacher to be his or her weekly learning experience advisor for the 1, 2 or 3 learning experiences selected by that pearl for that week. This guest advisor assists the pearl as needed with the execution and completion of these learning experiences. 

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About High School Pearls