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Low-Income At-Risk High School Youth
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Volunteer Scoring Panels
These 3-member panels score documents created and uploaded into the online document folders of pearls when learning experiences are completed.

The mission of each scoring panel is to reward pearls with points for knowledge gained in their quest to develop their college tracks and become "Economic Value Units" each school year.

Become a Volunteer Scoring Panel Chapter Member
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Document Types - 9th Grade Pearls
Career Plan Knowledge Gained Documents

Document Types - 10th Grade Pearls
College Plan Knowledge Gained Documents

Document Types - 11th Grade Pearls

Prosperity Plan Belief Documents
Each pearl uses the prosperity belief wheel to create and upload 
1) Aspiration Statements, 2) Vision Statements, 3) SMART Goal Statements, 4) Strategy Statements, 5) Action Statements, 6) Breakthrough Statements, 7) Prosperity Statements. 

Document Types - 12th Grade Pearls
Community Service Reports


Specialty Panels

A specialty panel is a panel that scores documents in only one of the four grade levels. You will be given the option of selecting a specialty panel during your orientation. 

Review Notice

Panelists receive an email notice 1 week in advance of the date the document score is due. Each panel member is free to download the document from the documents library at any time. 

Point System

Each document may contain 5 factors. Each factor may score 1 point, or no point. 


Star Rating

Each panel member gives each document a star rating as follows:  

1 Star =  1 Point
2 Stars =  2 Points
3 Stars = 3 Points
4 Stars = 4 Points
5 Stars = 5 Points


Orientation Webinar
Upon joining a chapter of the club, you will be invited by our Chief Administration Officer to a 1-hour orientation webinar, that will be scheduled for your convenience. The agenda for your webinar will be emailed to you. 
Specialty Panels