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At-Risk In-School Youth and Adults
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Join a Volunteer Scoring Panel
Award Knowledge Points and Skill Points

Dues: $20 a Year

Membership Fee: $20 Per Year
Must be a Chapter Support Council Member

Volunteer Scoring Panels
Seven Types Of Scoring Panels  
(See below) 

College Track Knowledge Points
Each panel member scores personal learning experience documents created and uploaded weekly into the online document folders of the pearls assigned to your panel.
Skills Challenge Skill Points
Each panel member watches and scores video skill demonstrations published to the chapter YouTube channel by pearls assigned to your panel.

Using Rubrics
Each rubric used to score documents and videos allows 1 point for each of 5 requirements. For each requirement met, 1 point is awarded. So the maximum points for each panel member is 5 points.  

Click here to review the Scoring Panel Handbook

High School Scoring Panels - 11 Types

9th Grade Pearl Scoring Panel
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10th Grade Pearl Scoring Panel
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11th Grade Pearl Scoring Panel
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12th Grade Pearl Scoring Panel
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College Scoring Panels - 6 Types

Year 1 College Students
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 Year 2 College Students
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Year 3 College Students

Year 4 College Students

Year 1 Graduate School Students

Year 2 Graduate School Students

Work Life Scoring Panels

Pearls In Early Work Life (under 30 years old)
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