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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
At-Risk In-School Youth and Adults
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Jim Harris, Founder
Pearls Who Prosper Career Club
Social Entrepreneur

"Go as far as you can see.
When you get there you can see farther."
Primary Career
Former Commercial Bank President/CEO 
St. Louis, MO

Small Business Financial Consultant 
Growth Strategies, Small Business Finance, Lending, 504 Equity Capital, Small Business Development, Entrepreneurship
Atlanta, GA

MBA 1971, Cornell University
Corporation Finance
Ithaca, New York

B.A. 1969, Lemoyne-Owen College
Memphis, TN

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The Social Problem
Self-perpetuating poverty and scarcity mindsets that contain limiting and negative beliefs are implanted into thousands of subconscious minds, blocking prosperity and at the same time enabling many to live unfulfilled lives, often in undesirable financial conditions, unhealthy toxic relationships, and unfortunate life circumstances. 

Encore Career Mission 

To make a profound positive difference in the world, the mission of my encore career is to empower individuals who are at-risk to prosper in their career lives. Starting with high school youth at 14 years of age and continuing with older adults in their 50s, 60s and 70s, my mission is to empower individuals, called Pearls to prosper by developing and applying a Prosperity Mindset.

My strategy is to attract these pearls into an Online, Chapter-Based, Skill-Development Career Club With 4 Membership Divisions.

Club membership teaches and trains members to use the Growth Mindset to convert their career aspirations into Career Prosperity

Career - A New Definition 

We know that each career is a step-by-step occupational journey of faith on the road to becoming the best you can be.  

Career Coaches and Consultants
The club is a skill-development, peer-support network of individuals engaged in the persistent pursuit of career prosperity. Career coaches and consultants are important, but not sufficient - and often too expensive - for most pearls.

The Wheel of Prosperity    
The primary tool used by pearls each week is the Wheel of Prosperity. It is a belief system based on 7 Core Prosperity Beliefs.

My Vision
My vision is chapters in four divisions serving pearl in different stages of career development in 40 metro areas   


Issues In College 
Many pearls do not graduate from high school. But many do, and go on to college. According to Complete College America, only 5% of students complete their associate degrees within 2 years, only 19% of students complete their bachelor's degree within 4 years.   
The Skills Gap
Many employers are experiencing difficulties finding job candidates with the right skills. This Skills Gap in America cuts across industries and employers. It reflects the loss of our pearls in high school, in college, and in work life.   

The Solution - A Career Club To Empower Pearls  
Pearls Who Prosper is a chapter-based, skill development, growth-facilitating peer network of pearls.     

High School Youth
Pearls in high school desire to be on the road to becoming the best they can be in career life. They develop college plans, career plans, prosperity plans and community service plans. They compete to develop skills.  

College Youth
In college, pearls receive degree mentoring, career advice, job readiness skills, financial guidance, internships, and work life jumpstart services.   

Work Life Young Adults (Up to 30 years old)
In early work life pearls achieve breakthroughs and milestones through skill development challenges.

Work Life Seasoned Adults (30 years old and older
In later work life pearls continue to grow and to realize greater career aspirations. 
My Value Philosophy
I believe that each pearl possesses the natural gifts and talents to prosper.

I believe that prosperity is based on personal fulfillment, which is based on a growth mindset, not a poverty mindset. 

I believe that each pearl has economic value based on measurable personal growth that continues through career life.    

My Story and My Career
Born: 1947, Memphis, TN.
Mother: Unmarried daughter of Mississippi sharecroppers. No high school.
Life: Poverty with no career aspirations.
Love: Unconditional.

High School: Booker T. Washington, downtown Memphis, TN., graduated 1965. 
No resources for college.
My mother's goal - Just graduate, get a good government job, stay off drugs and out of jail.

Senior Year Intervention: Home Room Teacher, said
I was "college material" and, despite no resources or family support, I believed her!
Lemoyne-Owen College, with 2-yr academic scholarship, graduated 1969 with a B.S in Sociology & Economics.
Graduate School: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.) Graduate School of Business, 1971, Corporation Finance. MBA 

First Job: Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Executive Assistant to Odell Horton, then President of Lemoyne-Owen College.
Thirteen years later: President/CEO of Gateway National Bank, St. Louis, MO. (35 years old)     
Later Career Milestones in Atlanta: Creator/Director, $12 million entrepreneurial development loan fund; Founder, Right Step Capital Development, Regulation D 504 private offering consulting firm (exempt securities up to $1 million for small businesses.   

In 2001, I went into early retirement at the urging of my 92-year-old sick father who had no one else to care for him. I became his full-time caregiver.

Years later as a volunteer for Bell Community Services, I became aware of some significant challenges facing our public education system. So, after my mother and father passed, I decided to develop an encore career. My mind ran back to that high school teacher whose intervention, when I was an at-risk youth, was the turning point in my life.    

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