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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
Low-Income At-Risk High School/College Youth
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High School Chapters
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At-Risk Students Developing Skills and
Building College Tracks To Transform Their Futures

Membership Fee: $10 Per Year

High School Chapter Advisors Empower Pearls To Develop a Growth Mindset
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Participate in Skills Challenges

Develop Soft Skills
Earn skill certifications to become internship eligible. 

Annual Skills Challenge
Increase Earning Potential By $1 Million

Become College Bound

Build a college track to transition from job-bound to college-bound.

College Track Challenge

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Level 2


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Level 3


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Level 4


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Inadequate Career Advice or Support 
Before joining a PWP co-curricular chapter at high school, many at-risk students perform poorly. They receive little or no career guidance or advice. They have no strategy, little support, and inadequate resources. 

Core Beliefs
• College is the best pathway out of poverty.  

• Careers have a purpose, and purpose is potential.  

• Plans are strategies that create steps that produce actions and produce breakthroughs that produce career prosperity. 

Build Your
College Track

Develop Core Career Skills
Skills Challenge


  Risk Factors For Consideration

At-Risk Factors (Learn More )

1. Student Lives In High Crime Zip Code

2. Student Resides In Single Parent Household

3. Parents of Student Have No College Degree or Certification

4. Student Knows People Who Are Involved With Illegal Drugs

At-Risk Factors (Learn More )

5. One or More Parents Have A Criminal Record

6. Student is Exposed To Family Violence or Abuse

7. Household of Student Shows Instability

8. Student Knows/Is Influenced By Gang Members