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Career Club - Metro Area Chapters
Low-Income At-Risk High School Youth
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Pearls Are At-Risk, Low-Income High School Youth Who Aspire To Enhance The World By Becoming Economic Value Units


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Many pearls perform poorly in high school. Yet, they aspire a better life. They are frustrated because they receive little or no career guidance or advice. College, of course, is their best way out of poverty. But - for them - college seems an unrealistic option.

PWP America - A Co-Curricular Career Club for Pearls 
Pearls already have the natural gifts and talents they need to prosper. Club membership enables them to develop skill focused, industry specific College Tracks, requiring them to cultivate core career skills and enjoy recognition as Economic Value Units. They compete with each other for scholarships. They receive mentoring and peer partner support.  

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Each applicant for membership is certified by a trained teacher advisor to be low-income and at-risk before being inducted as a club member.

 Each applicant is given a 28-point PEARL assessment.  


1. Bright Outlook
2. Hopeful
3. Lights Up The Room
4. Driven By Purpose
5. Optimistic
6. Convinced That Prosperity Is Achievable


1. Energetic
2. Filled With Hope

3. Excited About The Future
4. Able To Express Convictions
5. Filled With Belief In Natural Talents

1. Goal-Oriented
2. Forward Thinking
3. Dreams Of A Better Life
3. Has A Vision of Success
4. Able To Formulate Ideas
5. Has a strong desire to escape poverty via a college degree

1. Decisive
2. Able To Make Difficult Choices
3. Mentally Prepared For Challenges
4. Treats Disappointments As Learning Experiences
5. Loves A Challenge and Respects All Challengers

Leadership Focused
1. Resilient
2. Able To Inspire
3. Influential
4. Disciplined
5. Determined
6. Takes Action
7. Effective With Words and Deeds 

At-Risk Factors

1. Student Lives In High Crime Zip Code

2. Student Resides In Single Parent Household

3. Parents of Student Have No College Degree or Certification

4. Student Knows People Who Are Involved With Illegal Drugs

At-Risk Factors

5. One or More Parents Have A Criminal Record

6. Student is Exposed To Family Violence or Abuse

7. Household of Student Shows Instability

8. Student Knows/Is Influenced By Gang Members