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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
Low-Income At-Risk High School/College Youth
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Affiliate Opportunities

5-Year Affiliate License Opportunities
List of Targeted Metro Areas

Non-Profit Organizations Interested in Youth Development

 Each affiliate license is an opportunity to impact the lives of up to 300 aspirational, at-risk low-income high school students each year.

5 Types of Charter Agreements
As our exclusive licensee, each affiliate is authorized to sign charter agreements with high school principals. There are 5 types of charter agreements. Each agreement pays to the affiliate a different charter origination fee.

Chapter Monitoring and Charter Renewal Fees
In addition, along with originating the chapter, each affiliate receives a chapter monitoring and review fee monthly. This facilitates the renewal of charters, generating additional fees to the affiliate.    

Exclusive Territory

You enjoy the exclusive right to market and sell charter agreements in a multi-county territory that is your metropolitan statistical area. 
Key Skills

You must demonstrate via your website marketing, social media, community networking, sales, and communications skills, both verbal and written.
5-Year Strategic Plan

You are required to develop a 5-year operating plan, including a set of chapter goals and financial goals for each year of the 5-year contract. (Note: PWPUSA provides a template). Two part-time designated positions are required.
3 Primary Interests

You must demonstrate an interest in 1) reducing poverty in the metro area, 2) youth leadership development, and 3) improving public school outcomes for at-risk youth.   


Operating Manuals, Handbooks, Training, and Documentation

We provide the training and documentation you need to develop high school chapters in your area. 
Community Networking

1. High School Principals

2. Teachers/Students

3. Church Ministries

4. Corporate Sponsors

5. Civic Leaders

6. College Deans


1. Chapter Memberships

2. College Scholarships

3. In-School Award Events

4. Weekly Learning Experiences

5. College Plans, Career Plans, Prosperity Plans, Community Service Plans

We pay you a fee for each charter you issue. Several charter types are available to incentive chapter growth, as well as new chapter formation, each offering a different fee.  

Area Manager 

The key to your success is the person you select as your area manager. This is a full-time position. You hire this person, as an employee or as an independent contractor, to perform specific duties and carry out your affiliate responsibilities.  

High Schools and School Districts  

We target the high schools and select the primary school district or districts where at-risk and low-income students are enrolled.