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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
At-Risk In-School Youth and Adults
Prototype Website Call Today: (800) 640-2183
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Prototype Website
Prototype Website
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Membership Fee: $20 / Year
3-Month Free Trail Available

High School Principals Host PWP High School Chapters To
Improve The Performance Of Their At-Risk Students
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The Challenge of Urban High School Leaders
Creating a Vision of Educational Success For All Students
Many students have difficulty connecting high school success to career success

PWP 4-Step Career Connections Process

Career Exploration Pearls
9th Graders
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College Planning Pearls
10th Graders
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Scholarship Pearls
11th Graders
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Community Service Pearls
12th Graders
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90-Day Free Trial Chapter Host Membership 
This membership provides urban high school principals with a series of four 15-minute pre-scheduled online tutorials explaining how the 4-step career connection process enables at-risk students to graduate with college scholarships.  
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Career Aspirations Workshop 
This 5-hour workshop for 1st semester 9th graders who are at-risk of not converting their career dreams into burning desires enables them to create a clear career vision and a set of SMART goals to graduate ready for college. This event creates your prototype high school chapter.   
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Chapter Host Agreement
This agreement enables urban high school principals to attract community volunteers and financial sponsors that create internships based on core career skills and scholarships for at-risk students. 
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Improved Student Outcomes

Grade level college track and skill competitions produce weekly measurable outcomes. Pearls are motivated by challenges, rewards, mentoring, and scholarship opportunities. 


College Scholarships 

A scholarship trust account, established in year 1, as a prototype chapter, creates up to 9 scholarships for these pearls, and as much as $18,000 in scholarship resources for your high school. But pearls must score points each school year to become eligible to apply for these scholarships. Learn More About Scholarships

Improved Classroom Performance

Interest, skill and value assessments, combined with letters of support, ACT/SAT test prep exercises, and weekly awards and community recognition enhance self-esteem and self-confidence of participating pearls, and highlight your high school for the outstanding work being done. 

Deeper College/Career Insights

Industry, employer and occupational explorations create a deeper understanding of the relevance of courses and classroom experiences. College explorations provide new knowledge about college life, college degrees, costs, and opportunities for personal growth as a college student.

Improved Student Performance

Specific courses are identified by the 5 teacher advisors you recommend as program courses to be taken. Pearls receive points for selecting these courses, and for doing well.
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Community Service  Portfolio

Each senior pearl develops leadership skills and demonstrates an interest in community service by volunteering time to a civic organization, church, or agency in your community. This increases the chances of college acceptance, additional resources to pay for college, and expands community support for your high school.Learn More About Sponsor Support