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Low-Income At-Risk High School Youth
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National Leadership Team

Harris Pratt Pearls Who Prosper USA, Inc. is a social enterprise startup currently preparing to launch a 5-year National Vision as founding sponsor of the Pearls Who Prosper Career Club. Our vision includes 8 regions. This requires a national leadership team, led by our President. Starting in Memphis, TN with the Shelby County School District, first we will select one prototype high school. Then, we will expand into Illinois and Arkansas, then into Mississippi and Georgia, then into Texas. 

The Chief Executive Officer with full authority to implement the policies established by the board of directors, and to hire other members of the national leadership team. Responsible for chapter development in metro areas across America. 
National Vice President
The Vice President is responsible for: 1)building the national affiliate network, composed of area non-profit affiliates in metro areas across America. Each affiliate is paid to engage an area manager who charters high school chapters in that metro area; 2) developing and managing the National Exemplar Registry; 3) develops a national social media audience, and manages social media accounts. 
Chief Technology Officer 
The Chief Technology Officer is responsible for the hosting of the membership website that publishes all pearl profiles, and processing of club membership applications, notices and emails, website administration, processing of dues and fees, management of alumni chapters, and the online store.  

Chief Financial Officer
The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for grants management, solicitations and relationships, collection of dues and fees, financial systems, cash management, payment of expenses, preparation of financial statements, bookkeeping, audits, recordkeeping and internal controls. 
Top Priority
Chief Administrative Officer 
The Chief Administrative Officer produces and publishes guidebooks, manuals, handbooks containing rubrics, templates and forms, and is responsible for all training and certification. In addition, the management of the national office, management of social media accounts, and the coordination of services to chapters and affiliates, and the hiring of consultants, advisors and other support professionals. 

Legal Counsel
The Legal Counsel is responsible for tax exempt status, regulatory compliance, risk management, intellectual properties, agreements, charter documents, and contracts. 

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