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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
Low-Income At-Risk High School/College Youth
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Sponsors Improve High School Performance
Sponsors fund activity and event costs of PWP high school chapters,  enabling at-risk, low-income students called "Pearls" to develop core career skills and college tracks that improve classroom performance and increase the likelihood of getting into college.  

Promotional Campaigns
Sponsors create promotional campaigns featuring pearls, their plans and projects. These campaigns may promote: 1) reduction in crime and poverty, 2) career skills development, and 3) workforce improvement or other topics of interest to the sponsor.  

In addition, Pearls receive mentoring in targeted industries.  

Chapter Sponsors

The Chapter Sponsor Agreement enables a high school principal to create the teacher advisory council (TAC) a that high school. 

The TAC plans and manages personal learning experiences that produce weekly knowledge gained documents

Documents are scored by volunteer scoring panels. Points are received for demonstrating knowledge, insights and skills.

These documents are displayed at Award Events

The sponsor selects a high school chapter to join To join a chapter as a chapter sponsor, Click Here.
Pearl Sponsors

The Pearl Sponsor Agreement enables a group of pearls in the same grade level to complete 1 phase of the College Track process that transitions them from job-bound to college-bound. 

These pearls develop projects and plans, which they exhibit during Award Events. Each pearl in the group completes a series of fee-based weekly personal learning experiences.

The sponsor selects a high school chapter to join. To join a chapter as a pearl sponsor, Click Here.

Improve College Performance
At-Risk, Low-Income Pearls

College Skills Challenge Sponsors
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Career Jumpstart Sponsors
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Skill Project Sponsorship Fee: $250

Upon payment of the sponsorship fee, sponsor selects a pearl who is competing in a skills project challenge.  

Ten Monthly Payments: $25 

You may monitor the points scored by that pearl each month. Advise and encourage that pearl as needed, based on skill projects selected. Learn More 


PWP produces a series of YouTube videos that tell the inspirational story of that pearl to thousands.

Identify yourself, your company, your brand message, or your product as the sponsor.