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Career Club - Metro Area Chapters
Low-Income At-Risk High School Youth
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Sponsors Support High School Principals
PWP, the national sponsor of the PWP career club, contracts with high school principals to host a PWP America chapter of the club. The chapter transforms at-risk, low-income students called "Pearls" into marketable "economic value units" in lieu of becoming unemployed high school failures.

Pearls in local high school chapters develop college tracks that improve classroom performance and increase the number of college-going students.

Sponsors create promotional campaigns that feature pearls, their plans and projects as opportunities: 1) to reduce crime and poverty, 2) to reduce the skills gap, 3) to enhance the workforce, and 4) to attract jobs.   

Pearls at each grade level are students at-risk living in poverty who participate in weekly learning experiences, featuring measured outcomes, and exemplar mentoring days that provide new knowledge and deeper insights into career opportunities, college degrees, and skills in demand by targeted industries.  

Chapter Sponsors

When you sign a chapter pledge agreement, you enable high school principals to create teacher advisory councils that plan and manage learning experiences that produce weekly knowledge gained documents scored by volunteer scoring panels. Pearls receive points for demonstrating knowledge, insights and skills. Either as an adult or an organization, you become a member of a high school chapter. To join a chapter as a chapter sponsor, Click Here.
Pearl Sponsors

When you sign a pearl pledge agreement, you enable a group of pearls to compete for prizes and awards during the school year based on points scored. These pearls develop projects and plans, which they exhibit during award events. Each pearl completes a series of weekly learning experiences. You become a member of a high school chapter. To join a chapter as a pearl sponsor, Click Here.

Economic Value Unit (EVU) Sponsors $250

Upon signing an EVU pledge agreement, you become an EVU sponsor. You select a pearl who is seeking to become an Economic Value Unit (EVU).

Monthly Payment: $25 - 10 months

Monitor the points scored by that pearl each week. Advise and encourage that pearl as needed, based on projects selected. Learn More

The pearl you select demonstrates a variety of marketable skills and abilities, and may be available as an EVU Intern while in college.

PWP produces a series of YouTube videos that tell the inspirational story of that pearl to thousands.

Identify yourself, your company, your brand message, or your product as the sponsor.