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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
At-Risk In-School Youth and Adults
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Pearls In Action
Attract Social Media Fans and Followers

Sponsorship Opportunities Per Division

High School Chapter Division
4 Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorships enable at-risk, low-income students to
transition from job-bound to college-bound. This increases their career income potential by up to
$1 million. 

PWP High School Social Media Channels

College Chapter Division
Organizational Sponsorships

Sponsors enable at-risk, low-income college students to graduate from college on-time
Video Focus Areas
Resources, Mentoring, Planning, Actions, Skills, Breakthroughs 

Work Life Chapter Division
Organizational Sponsorships

Sponsors enable young at-risk adults under 30 to reach milestones in their careers

Video Focus Areas
Dreams, Goals, Vision, Actions, Breakthroughs, Milestones 

Pearls In Action

60-Second Skill and Knowledge Demonstrations
Pearls in each PWP membership division star in videos produced by Pearls In Action, and published weekly on 6 social media channels.

Pearls In Action focuses on attracting fans and followers, and building a national subscriber base across America. 

Sponsors of High School Students
4 Sponsor Types

Each Sponsor Signs a Pledge Agreement
Sponsorship Fees Are Paid Based on Points Scored
Prizes Are Given Based On Fans and Followers

Organizations (Businesses/Non-Profits)

Membership Fee: $20/12 Months
Individuals/Small Groups

Membership Fee: $10/12 Months

Social Media Campaigns Expand Brand Awareness
PWP produces 5-week, 10-week and 15-week promotional campaigns that promote sponsored products and services that feature "Pearls In Action".  


College Track Sponsor

Support an Entire Chapter
Each chapter member delivers photos and videos to fans and followers of the entire chapter for the promotional period. 
Grade Level Sponsor

Support a Designated Grade Level
9th grade pearls build career displays
10th grade pearls build college displays 11th grade pearls build scholarship displays
12th grade pearls build community service displays  

Skills Challenge Sponsor
Support skill development at high poverty high schools. Click Below To Learn More. 

High school pearls become "Intern Ready"

Career Aspirations Workshop Sponsor
Enable low-income students develop career aspirations lists. Click Below To Learn More.

Sponsors of College Students
3 Sponsorship Types

College Pearl Tele-Sessions
Click Below To Learn More
College Skills Challenge
Click Below To Learn More
Career Jumpstart Challenge
Click Below To Learn More

PWP produces a series of YouTube videos that tell the inspirational story of that pearl to thousands.

Identify yourself, your company, your brand message, or your product as the sponsor.
Pearls In Early Work Life
(20 - 30 Years Old)

Advanced Skills Challenges
Work Life Pearl Tele-Sessions
Milestones On The Road of Becoming