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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
Low-Income At-Risk High School/College Youth
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The PWP High School Chapter Prototype  
 PWP consists of a network of chapters at selected high schools in targeted metro areas across America, administered via one central website under one constitution and bylaws by a staff of administrators.

The original chapter serves as the chapter prototype for all chapters. This is where new membership products and services are developed and tested by our Customer Development Team
View Prototype Chapter Diagram 

5 Customer Types

High School Principals
Purchase the right to host a chapter to improve at-risk student outcomes
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At-Risk High School Students
These pearls join a chapter to double their career income potential
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Civic-Minded Adults 
These supporters join a chapter to volunteer their time to help pearls develop a college track
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Small Business Owners
Join a chapter to sponsor individual pearls. Sponsorship pays activity fees that enable pearls to participate in competitive challenges that develop new career knowledge and skills
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Corporate Executives
Join a chapter to pay stipends to teacher advisors and other chapter  expenses  
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Prototype High School Chapter - Memphis, TN
Booker T. Washington High School - Shelby County School District

Obama Pearl Of The Year Award

Digital Documents: Brochures and Handbooks 
(Descriptions of 150 Co-Curricular Learning Experiences, Tools, Instructions, Rules, Rubrics and More For Each Competition)

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