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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
Low-Income At-Risk High School/College Youth
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The PWP Business Model Prototype  
 The PWP business model prototype, now in development, consists of 

9 Key Components
• 4 Membership divisions based on 6 career stages. Each division functions as an operating unit. 
• A membership technology networking platform used as an administrative, member enrollment, member services portal, and document distribution website 
• Non-profit metro area affiliates that license chapters to chapter hosts 
• Multi-chapter, multi-division metro areas
• Growth-enabling, skill-building hosted chapter networks to be replicated in 8 regions 
• 15 skill levels that enable members to progress through a skills pipeline 
• A variety of fee-based services, awards events and social activities 
• Various membership card products within each division for pearls, pearl supporters and pearl advisors 
• Obama pearl of the year award for high school chapters (character-building, leadership, and community service)

View Prototype Chapter Diagram 


High School Chapter Division 

Obama Pearl Of The Year Award

Digital Documents
Brochures and Handbooks 

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