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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
At-Risk In-School Youth and Adults
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PWP Career Club Chapter Prototype
(Ideas In Development)
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4 Chapter Prototypes 
(Ideas In Development)
The members of the career club are chapters. Each chapter is a distinct operating unit with a chapter host who owns a charter which authorizes the formation of that chapter, and governs its activities. Each chapter admits individuals as members of that chapter.

Each chapter member has a type and classification. Chapter members elect chapter officers, create and approve an annual chapter operating plan, develop and administer the chapter budget, and raise chapter revenues. 

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PWP Career Club Prototype   
Developed by the
Prototype Development Team,
the club prototype will be formed as a 501(c)(7) skills-development, chapter-based career club with a social networking format upon completion of a 1-year test period.  

Prototype Testing Details

Club Prototype


Feature 1: Four Membership Divisions. 
Each division serves pearls in different stages of Career Development.
1. YPU (Youth Pearls Up) High School Division
2. CPU (College Pearls Up) College Division 
3. BPU (Breakthrough Pearls Up) Young Adult Division (Under 30 Years Old) 
4. PFL (Pearls For Life) - Seasoned Adult Division (30+ Years Old)    
Feature 2: Four Brands
Each division has a brand, which is the promise of a unique experience that has value for each customer, the individual pearl who joins a chapter in that division. Each brand focuses on serving customers in identifiable primary segments of the total pearl marketplace. These segments are based on stages of Career Development.  

Youth Pearls Up
Pearls In High School 
College Pearls Up
Pearls In College
Urban high school students, male and female,
in high poverty schools, who receive no guidance,
have no resources, and no college prospects.
The YPU brand promises a career plan, a college
plan, scholarships, mentoring, and college
acceptance letters.

Students in college who are first generation
and need to complete remedial courses.
Also, financial assistance, counseling and
coaching are needed to remain in and
complete their college degree. The CPU brand
promises on-time college completion with
little or no student debt, and a career jumpstart.

Breakthrough Pearls Up
Adult Pearls Under 30
Pearls For Life
Adult Pearls 30+
Young adults in work life who have no career 
vision, and are dissatisfied with their job. They 
lack a feeling of purpose in their work and do
not have a sense of meaning or value in their
work. The BPU brand promises frequent
breakthroughs that produce career milestones
to generate a clear vision of career prosperity.

Adults with 10 or more years of work experience
who are not truly engaged at work. They are not
sufficiently satisfied with their jobs and feel stuck
in a rut. They are not growing personally or
professionally. They are disappointed and
discouraged. The PFL brand promises measurable,
consistent career growth in 7 solution domains,
peer partner support, recognition of achievements,
coaching and counseling.

Feature 2: Area Chapter Networks. An area chapter network is the group of PWP chapters located in the same metro area. Organizationally, each chapter is located in 1 of 4 divisions. Chapters in the same division in each network are the same cluster, under the leadership of a cluster coordinator. 

   Item 1. Network Management:  Each area chapter network is managed by the Office of Area Director in that metro area, which includes Cluster Coordinators. 

   Item 2: Cluster Coordinators:  Each CC develops and manages local sponsor relationships (individuals, small businesses, major employers, agencies and non-profit organizations interested in supporting a specific chapter in any division.)

   Item 3: National Network Director: This professional, located in the national office, directs the coordination, collaboration and communications between Cluster Coordinators in these metro offices.  

   Item 4: Pearls In Action: This is the PWP social media production company responsible for PWP social media strategy development and implementation. It is led by the PIA national director. It has a branch location in each office of each area director. Each of these branches produces promotional packages with videos featuring local pearls. In addition, each branch markets these packages to local sponsors, and publishes videos on 6 social media channels to attract sponsors. Further, the national director awards prizes to branches based on sponsorships sold. Each chapter president appoints PIA production assistants to create and send videos to the PIA national director. These production assistants receive awards and recognition for the quality and quantity of the videos they produce. 

Feature 3: Four Membership Networking Websites. Each division has a membership website connected to the Club Express software platform including an online store, to facilitate membership applications, communications via blogs, photos and videos, as well as information publishing and merchandise sales, and coaching and consulting services.  
Feature 4: One Club Marketing and Promotional Website. This is the website that introduces the career club concept, and promotes the general benefits of club membership, presents the national officers of the club, presents the national convention in videos and photos, and the national sponsors of the club.   
Feature 5: One National Sponsor. Harris Pratt is responsible for club development. It contracts with local non-profits who serve as area affiliates  in targeted metro areas.  

Feature 6: Chapters. A chapter is the basic revenue-generating operating unit of the club. It has individual members who purchase membership cards for the right to participate in activities. It operates under a charter issued to a host. Chapters have the following chapter features.

   Element 1: Chapter Host.
Creates and maintains chapter activity plans and budgets. Seeks to attract members, sponsors and grants. Ensures that services and events are delivered to chapter members.

   Element 2: Online Chapter Membership Application. Enables pearls to apply for membership based on their location. They may also  renew membership and pay the membership fee. Further, other member types may apply online for membership.

   Element 3: 4 Step Intake Process. The 4 steps each pearl chapter member applicant must complete are: 1) Networking Reception, 2) Career Aspirations Workshop, 3) Assessment Interview, and 4) Induction Ceremony. Other member types have a 1-step induction process.

   Element 4: Variety of Member Types.
Pearls, Sponsors, Advisors and Supporters pay fees to join and to participate in activities. Each type contains classifications. Each classification contains services and benefits based on the age and interest demographics of the member.

   Element 5: Pearls In Action Representative. A PWP social media video production office with a PIA representative, an extension of the area branch of the national production company (Pearls In Action Productions) based at the PWP headquarters, that markets advertising packages to local sponsors.  

   Element 6: Chapter Officers. President and set of Vice Presidents

   Element 7: Annual Awards Luncheon. Culminating celebratory event for the year that recognizes and rewards outstanding performance and achievements. 

   Element 8: Annual Competitions. Pearls compete with their chapter members to demonstrate and measure weekly progress.

   Element 9: Tours and Travel. Pearls, based on member classification,  enjoy opportunities to tour colleges and businesses, both local and out-of-town, and may win sponsored trips, via Pearls In Action, to locations across the U. S. or internationally.  

   Element 10: Delegates. Chapter officers select delegates to represent the chapter at the national convention for that year only. Each chapter has one delegate for every 10 active chapter members.

   Element 11: Online Store. PWP has products available for sale at the PWP online store. This includes digital products, such as poems and short stories, and merchandise to be delivered from the PWP store in Memphis, such as books, videos, T-shirts, jackets, ties, PWP branded attire, and other merchandise, games, home accessories, office products created by pearls, and published by PWP Publishing. Chapter customer login codes enable revenues to flow to specific chapters from its customers.

   Element 12: PWP Publishing Agent. One member of each chapter is appointed by the chapter president to serve as the publishing agent. This agent represents other chapter members who create stories, poems, opinion and news articles, and competition updates for publication in the "PWP News Weekly" online magazine, which is available online for sale to subscribers. Anyone may subscribe. Content includes opinions about current events, issues, products, movies, TV shows, games, e-books, performers, celebrities, and leaders in the news or social media. A chapter member must contract with this agent to obtain a review of materials created. This review is required by the publisher. Subscribers in zip codes assigned to the chapter generate commission revenue to the chapter.  

   Element 13: Rented Facilities. PWP owns buildings and facilities in metro areas with active chapters. These chapters may rent these facilities to conduct events, meetings, conferences, and to host weekly networking, parties, and receptions, and to perform live in-person coaching and consulting services, including group and private consultations, workshops and receptions.

   Element 14: Coaches. Breakthrough chapters and PFL chapters contract with Jimvisions to develop a network of PWP career coaches that provide fee-based career coaching services to chapter members. 

   Element 15: Strategists. Breakthrough chapters and PFL chapters contract with Jimvisions to develop a network of PWP career advisors that provide fee-based career services to chapter members.  
Feature 7: Career Skills Pipeline. Pearls in each chapter in each division participate in Annual Skills Competitions. They score points in weekly skills challenges to advance through 15 skill levels that enable pearls to systematically develop new skills.  

Feature 8: Career Prosperity Guidance. Career Prosperity Guidance (CPG) is known as "The Pearl Road To Becoming." This road contains 7 Key Features that deliver tools and resources to pearls in each division.

Feature 9: Social Networking Format. A chapter weekly networking reception, including members and guests. 

Feature 10: Membership Cards. There is a membership card for each member type. (see Item 10 below) Each card has a member identification number and an expiration date, after which that member may not participate in events, activities or competitions. The membership card is delivered pursuant to an online application and payment of the membership fee. 

Feature 11: Chapter Member Classification System. Each chapter has several member types. Each type has classifications based on specific member interests and activities related thereto. Each pearl member type requires the applicant to complete a chapter induction process: 1) attend a free career aspirations workshop where a career aspirations list is created, 2) submit an online application, 3) complete a pearl assessment interview, 4) submit a parental consent agreement (high school students), and 5) attend an induction ceremony to receive a membership card.  
Feature 12: Meeting and Production Facilities. Real estate owned by Harris Pratt in each targeted metro area available to chapters for delivery of benefits to member pearls in that area, and for the conduct of competitions under the "Pearls In Action" brand and the production of videos for social media publication.

Feature 13: PWP Publishing. This is an operating company of PWP that publishes products created by pearls in each division. 
Feature 14: Annual National Convention. This is an annual meeting of chapter delegates, planned by the national convention committee appointed by the national council of members, for the following 5 purposes:

   1) to elect the club leadership for the next 12 months (national president and national council of members that meets monthly) and to hold a news conference to announce these leaders and the national pearls of the year.

   2) to amend and approve the annual strategic plan developed by the national president.

   3) to ratify and amend, if desired, the constitution and bylaws.

   4) to select the pearl of the year in each division based on skill and knowledge demonstrations and displays.

   5) to gain new knowledge and deeper insights about career success  from celebrity exemplars.   

   6) to conduct the yearly organizational meeting of the national council of members to elect officers, to rate operating plan proposals from candidates for national president, to review proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws


View Prototype High School Chapter Diagram 


Explore High School Chapter Prototype Features & Functions

1. Chapter Host  
 • High School Principal receives and owns charter via host agreement, provides facilities and equipment
 • Area Affiliate represents Harris Pratt as exclusive agent, issues charters and reviews compliance monthly 
 • Charter Types identify requirements that govern chapter size and composition based on chapter age and performance
 • Monthly Compliance Reviews performed by area affiliate Office of Area Director to rate and report chapter performance and compliance with charter 
 • Revenues from Sponsorships, Grants and Membership Cards 
 • Positive School Impact based on improved at-risk student performance
 • Teacher Advisory Council implements charter to create chapter 
 Career Aspirations Workshop
 Summer Career Aspirations Challenge
2. Career Aspirations Workshop
 • Benefits of career aspirations 
 • Summer Career Aspirations Challenge competition - 9th graders
3. Online Member Application  
 • Member Types are identified for selection on the website menu
4. Pearl Intake Process 
  Step 1: Welcome Networking Reception For Interested Students (Teacher Invitation Only) 
  Step 2: Career Aspiration Workshop
             - Career Aspirations List (Required for Induction Ceremony) 
  Step 3: PEARL Assessment Interview
  Step 4: Student Induction Ceremony  - students become chapter members for 1 year
        - Career Prosperity Pledge 
        - Student Membership Cards 
        - Personal Networking
 5. Advisor, Volunteer, Sponsor Intake Process
Adult Induction Ceremony - Teacher Advisors, Volunteers, and Sponsors become chapter members for 1 year  
    - Orientation Meeting (Adults)  
    - Induction Ceremony Introductions (Adults and Students)
    - Networking (Adults and Students) 
    - Adult Membership Cards
5. Parent Information Kit
 • Brochure
 • Notice
 • Disclosure Agreement
 • Consent and Authorization
 • Release from Liability
6. 5 Member Types
 • Student Pearls Type Classifications: 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade
 • Teacher Advisors Type Classifications: 9th Grade Advisor, 10th Grade Advisor, 11th Grade Advisor, 12th Grade Advisor
    - Teacher Advisory Council Annual Activity Plan, Technical Support, Pearl Profiles, Bank Account, and Annual Operating Budget, Scholarship Fund
 • Volunteer Supporters Type Classifications: 1) Mentor Day Assistant, 2) Skills Project Coach, 3) Mentoring Facilitator, 4) College Track Monitor, 5) Awards Luncheon Assistant, 6) Scoring Panel Member, 7) Scholarship Fund Assistant, 8) Tour Planning Assistant
 • Sponsors Type Classifications: Pearl, Skills, College Track, Aspirations
 • 90-Day Free Trial All type classifications, Limited Participation and Priviledges 
 7. Pearls In Action Social Media
 • Six Social Media Channels - Sponsored Video Productions
 • 1-Minute Skill Demonstrations (Annual Skills Competition-See Feature 10)
 • 1-Minute Knowledge Demonstrations (Annual College Track Competition-See Feature 10)
 8. Annual Awards Luncheon
 • Special Guest Presenter
 • Displays
 • Prizes - Items selected by TAC that accompany awards 
 •Trophies and Awards
9. Officers (Chapter Leadership)
President - Chapter Growth Goals, Chapter Compliance Goals, Chapter Meetings, Leadership Meetings, Chapter Delegates (See Feature 12) 
Vice President-Skills Competition
Vice President-College Track Competition  
4 Vice Presidents (1 Per Classification Group)-CPG System, Pearl Feedback
10. Annual Competitions
 • Skills Competition Weekly Skill Demonstrations (Social Media)  
    - Skills Pipeline (Skill Mastery Certificates and Skill Awards)
 • College Track Competition Weekly Knowledge Demonstrations (Social Media)
    - Self-Paced Personal Learning Experiences
 • Road To Becoming - 7 Key Features CPG System
    - Peer Partners
 • Weekly Group Brainstorming
 • Growth Mindset
 • Career Prosperity Wheel
11. Tours and Travel
 Local Colleges
 Local Businesses
 Special Travel Awards
12. National Convention 
 Delegates Member/Delegate Ratio - 10/1 
 Area Delegate Teams - Each metro area has a delegate team with a chair selected by the team. The team consists of each delegate from each chapter in the metro area. The chair organizes the team and sets convention goals and strategies for the metro area. 
13. Exemplar Mentoring Days 
      - Industry Interest Groups
      - Exemplar Mentors
      - Industry Sectors 
14. Online Chapter Store 



Explore College Chapter Prototype Features and Functions

1. Chapter Host                                                                                   
• College administrator receives and owns charter via host agreement, obtains approval of chapter as a campus organization, provides facilities and equipment.
2. Area Affiliate 
3. Charter Types 
 4. Online Member Applications                      

1.   Chapter Host:
College Administrator Signs Host Agreement
2.   Chapter Officers: President, Vice President-Skills Competition, Vice President-Jumpstart Competition
3.   Member Types: Pearl, Advisor, Supporter, Strategist, Sponsor 
4.   Pearl Member Classifications: 2-1, 2-2, 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4, G-1, G-2
5.   Advisor Member Classifications:
6.   Supporter Member Classifications:
7.   Strategist Member Classifications:
8.   Sponsor Member Classifications:
9.   Annual Competitions:
10. Weekly Challenges:
11. Awards:
12. Prizes:
13. Annual Awards Luncheon:
14. Tele-Sessions:
15. Peer Partners:
16. Delegates:
17. The Road To Becoming:
18. Annual Operating Budget:
19. Charter Requirements:
20. Benefits Report:


Explore Breakthrough Chapter Prototype Features and Functions

 1. Breakthrough Chapter Host
 • Aspirational Freelance Professional with Super Goals
 • Receives and owns Charter
 • Rents PWP facilities as needed
 2. Career Aspirations Workshop                                  
 3. Online Membership Application
 4. Member Types
 5. Officers
 6. Pearl Intake Process
 7. Yearly Skills Competition
 8. Yearly Milestone Competition
 9. Pearls In Action
 10. Monthly Awards Luncheon
 11. Tours and Trips
 12. National Convention
 13. Online Store

Explore Pearls For Life Chapter Prototype Features and Functions

 1. PLF Chapter Host        
 Aspirational Freelance Professional (30+ Years Old) With Super Goals                  
 2. PLF 4 Step Intake Process Career Aspirations Workshop
 3. Domain Growth System
 • Money Domain
    - Build Aspirational Tree of Money 
    - Complete 12 Weekly Money Growth Challenges
 • Relationships Domain
    - Build Aspirational Tree of Relationships
    - Complete 12 Weekly Relationships Growth Challenges
 • Beliefs Domain 
   - Build Aspirational Tree of Beliefs
   - Complete 12 Weekly Beliefs Growth Challenges 
 • Skills Domain 
   - Build Aspirational Tree of Skills
   - Complete 12 Weekly Skills Growth Challenges
 • Knowledge Domain
   - Build Aspirational Tree of Knowledge
   - Complete 12 Weekly Knowledge Growth Challenges
 • Spirit Domain 
   - Build Aspirational Tree of Spirit
   - Complete 12 Weekly Spirit Growth Challenges
 • Health Domain Aspirational Tree of Health

High School Chapter Division 

Obama Pearl Of The Year Award

Digital Documents
Brochures and Handbooks 

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