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Career Club - Metro Area Chapters
Low-Income At-Risk High School Youth
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A Non-Profit Social Enterprise

Harris Pratt Pearls Who Prosper USA, Inc. ("PWP") is an at-risk youth development social enterprise start-up. Our core product is a school-based, co-curricular career club for at-risk youth ("Pearls Who Prosper Career Club of America") that transforms students (called "pearls") into Economic Value Units.

The club is composed of chapters hosted by high school principals.

Each chapter delivers financial resources and community support that enables pearls to develop College Tracks. We sell the right to host a chapter at an approved high school for a chapter hosting fee.

We Are Social Entrepreneurs.
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PWP America relies on paid teacher advisers, volunteer adult supporters, and sponsors to develop College Tracks that get pearls into college, and then through college.
Primary measurable outcomes are self-confidence, college acceptances, scholarships, career plans, college plans, new skills, new knowledge and career insights.

In targeted metro areas PWP contracts with non-profit affiliates to attract chapter hosts, develop new chapters, and support existing chapters.

Founding National Sponsor

PWP serves as the founding national sponsor
of the Pearls Who Prosper Career Club of America, a Tennessee non-profit corporation. Members are: 1) at-risk, low-income high school students developing college tracks, and 2) their adult supporters, who join chapters online. Each college track contains a career plan (9th grade), a college plan (10th grade), a prosperity plan (11th grade), and a community service plan (12th grade).

Enhancing The World
To pearls, a career is a lifelong journey to personal fulfillment, which can only be attained by helping others achieve personal fulfillment. Pearls find joy in using natural gifts and talents to make a positive impact in the lives of others.  
Club Purpose
The purpose of PWP America is to transform pearls in public school districts across the USA into "Economic Value Units" that enhance the world based on "The $1 Million Difference" in career income. 

In addition to high school chapters, PWP America offers college chapters and work life chapters. 
Economic Value Units (EVUs)
The desire of each high school pearl is to make an economic impact in his or her community. A set of 10 rating factors is used to compete for "Economic Value Unit of the Year" trophy in high school, in college, and in work life. Learn More 

High School EVUs
High school chapter members may attract individual sponsors to support their efforts to become "High School EVUs."

College EVUs
Those who are low-income in college join college chapters to facilitate graduating on time with the degree they desire. This enables them to become "College EVUs."   
Work Life EVUs
Those who are low-income in work life join work life chapters to create and implement personal growth plans that convert them into "Work Life EVUs."