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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
Low-Income At-Risk High School/College Youth
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Pearls Who Prosper Career Club of America, Inc.
A National Career Growth "Network" For Those Seeking To Fulfill Their Potential

Career Club Concept Overview
The Pearls Who Prosper Career Club is a chapter-based, skill-building, growth-enabling network of pearls, individuals on the road to becoming the best they can be in career life. The network includes pearls and pearl mentors, supporters and advisors.  

Our chapters are based in metro areas, using our metro area model. Each area is developed by a non-profit area affiliate that reports to a regional office led by a regional vice president, who reports to the PWP national office of our sponsor.
The club is organized into 4 membership divisions based on
6 Stages of Career Life

Pearls, mentors, supporters and advisors (both individuals and organizations) assist each other via chapter membership to breakthrough barriers and transcend limitations in career life.

 Divisions  Career Life Stages  Membership Classifications 
High School Chapter Division  1. Career Awareness Stage
2. Career Exploration Stage 
Pearls, Support Members and Advisors 

College Chapter Division 

3. Career Preparation Stage 
Pearls, Support Members and Advisors 

Work Life Chapter Division 

4. Career Placement Stage 
Pearls, Support Members and Advisors 

Pearls For Life Chapter Division  

5. Career Management Stage
6. Career Growth Stage 
Pearls, Support Members and Advisors 

5-Year National Vision

40 Metro Areas and Affiliate Partners
High School Chapters

200 College Chapters 
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100 Work Life Chapters
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100 Pearls For Life Chapters
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Harris Pratt Pearls Who Prosper USA, Inc. 
Social Entreprise

Skills Development Pipeline
The club delivers pearls to the employment marketplace with core career skills sought by employers in targeted industries.

We are in start-up phase 

Projected PWP Career Club Organization Chart



 PWP uses tax exempt status to obtain grants that create co-curricular high school chapters Pearls


In targeted metro areas partners with non-profit affiliates to attract chapter hosts, develop new chapters, and support existing chapters.