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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
At-Risk In-School Youth and Adults
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Pearls Who Prosper Career Club of America, Inc. 
Skill Building and Social Networking
Individuals At-Risk, Because of Limiting Beliefs, Of Not Becoming
The Best They Can Be. 

 "The Limiting Beliefs Mindset"

The negative beliefs that govern the thoughts and actions of thousands urban Americans blocking them from developing high aspirations and big dreams of who they were born to become.


 Learn About Peer Partners
The aspirational pearls in each chapter who support each other.

Learn About Chapters
The network environment that feeds and nourishes career dreams.

Learn About Skill Building
The system that develops the soft skills essential for career success.

Learn About Membership Divisions
Pearls, Advisers, Supporters and Sponsors Who Create Transformation
4 Stages of Career Development

5-Year National Vision

 PWP Career Club Organization Chart



 PWP uses tax exempt status to obtain grants that create co-curricular high school chapters Pearls


In targeted metro areas partners with non-profit affiliates to attract chapter hosts, develop new chapters, and support existing chapters.

Learn More About The 7 Core Beliefs