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National Career Club With Metro Area Chapters
Low-Income At-Risk High School/College Youth
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Mission (Inspired by Michelle Obama)

Pearls Who Prosper (PWP) is a chapter-based career club for individuals seeking to become the best they can be in career life.

Our "Pearls" are club members on the road to becoming the best they can be. They are at-risk, low-income male and female youth in high school, in college, and in work life. They are men and women becoming who they were born to be.     

The mission of the club is to empower those seeking to become the best they can be to prosper in their career lives.

PWP functions as a
skills development pipeline that delivers pearls with valuable career skills to employers, large and small in various targeted industries.

PWP equips at-risk students with strategies, skills and knowledge they need to prosper in career life. PWP provides pearls with career success skills sought by employers to help bridge the skills gap in their companies.

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Far too many at-risk students never get to college. PWP provides a 4-phase college track process that transforms them from job-bound to college-bound.
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According to Complete College America, shows that only 5% of full-time 2-year college degree students complete their degrees in 2 years.
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When high school pearls graduate, PWP provides an online college chapter that provides pearls with a career jumpstart.     
When college pearls complete their degree programs, PWP provides an online work life chapter that increases the probability of job success.