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Low-Income At-Risk High School Youth
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Mission (Inspired by Michelle Obama)

Pearls Who Prosper (PWP) is a co-curricular career club for at-risk, low-income high school students, called pearls.

The mission of the club is to develop pearls into "Economic Value Units" by placing them onto a unique College Tracks which provide skills and plans based on the needs of targeted industries  

Pearls lack financial resources. Most live in single parent homes struggling to survive. Drugs and crime have great influence in their lives.    

Leaking prematurely out of America's educational pipeline
For example, in the Shelby County School District in Memphis, TN, 80% of students are below proficiency in English and Math. In large urban school districts across America, high school pearls receive little or no career counseling or skills guidance. Far too many pearls never get to college. And many who do, never complete their degrees.

Core skills needed to become an Economic Value Unit, via a college-track, must be earned. This qualifies high school pearls for special Pearl College Internships created by sponsors. Pearl college interns help to fill skill gaps in targeted industries.     
National research shows that only 5% of full-time 2-year college degree students complete their degrees in 2 years. And only 20% of 4-year college students complete their degree in 4 years.  PWP America, as a career club, provides co-curricular grade level challenge competitions that generate knowledge and skills, producing skill-focused, industry specific career plans and college plans. Pearls win scholarships and gain acceptance by colleges of their choice upon graduation from high school. They also develop prosperity plans based on a 7-key prosperity belief system.  

We continue to serve pearls in college with an online college chapter and in work life with an online work life chapter.       

Career Planning
In the 9th grade membership year, pearls develop a career plan documenting their career aspirations, vision, goals, and strategies for the first 10 years of work life.  They upload knowledge gained documents to the club documents library. These documents are reviewed by Volunteer Scoring Panels. Comments submitted by panel members provide  information, and produce new personal insights, plus greater career knowledge. Words of advice and encouragement are delivered also.  
College Planning
In the 10th grade membership year, pearls develop a college plan, based on the career plan developed in 9th grade. Therefore, in the 11th grade membership year, pearls are highly focused on specific college degree programs they want to pursue, based on specific occupations they have selected, and based on industries of interest to them. This empowers each pearl to select the courses that a best suited for that pearl as a high school junior and senior. The pearl is motivated to pursue the right college scholarships, and encouraged to take AP courses, improve the grade point average, and prepare for college entrance ACT or SAT exams.