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Career Club - Metro Area Chapters
Low-Income At-Risk High School Youth
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We Are At-Risk, Low-Income High School Pearls 
We Are Working To Double Or Triple Our Income Potential 

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Our Educational Pipeline Has Some Serious L
 The Value of Many Lives Is Being Lost. Let's Empower Pearls To Prosper.

PWP Career Club
Innovative, Effective Co-Curricular Career and College Planning Solutions

at-risk high school students


Yes, our educational system needs reform. (Watch This Video) Yes, it's losing far too many at-risk, low-income, aspirational students. The average student-to-counselor ratio of 500-to-1 means that few of these students receive the career counseling they need. Of course, this contributes to poverty in America. Observe these facts, according to 

Competitive Learning Experiences
Each week each pearl selects and schedules a set of 1-hour co-curricular learning experiences to gain new knowledge.
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Community Support 
Pearls benefit from community support and sponsorships that enable them to win college scholarships as juniors in high school.
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Our high school pearls are competing for college scholarships. College is their pathway out of poverty, and our pathway to a more competitive America.
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Deliver career insights, career knowledge and words of encouragement to at-risk youth competing for college scholarships.
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